Easy and beautiful cakes

Decoration is not just for our homes. We can decorate everything. This time we are going to show you cakes.

Cakes are not just for eating, they have an inner meaning, the happiness. We normally prepare cakes when we have to celebrate some good news, when we have a birthday or when we have dinner or lunch with our loved ones.

As cakes are not just for eating, we are going to show you some ways to make your cakes look good. They are not only going to be tasty but beautiful.

I personally love cooking and decorating so for me joining both things is a great experience but sometimes finding some inspirations is difficult. That’s why you have here some ideas if you want to begin decorating your cakes.

They are easy, quick and really beautiful, are you going to try them?

Lovely cheesecake


Chocolate cake

chocolate cake

Prepare your favorite chcolate cake and decorate the top with melted chocolate

Christmas cake

christmas cake

Add a christmas touch to your cake with some little chocolate trees.

To send someone love

You can use the same technique with some little hearts and use it to say someone: I love you!

Giant cinnamon roll

Cinnamon roll cake

A classic dessert for the ones who love sweet things

Decorating with a spoon

decorate a cake with a spoon


You can make your favorite chocolate cake and in this case decorate it sith a spoon making little waves.

No-bake cakes

No bake cake No bake cake2

You can also make really good-looking chocolate  cake or cheesecake in very few time. If you need a last minute idea try these ones!

Cream decor

simple cake decor

Decoration with chocolate chips

triple chocolate cake

Vanilla cake decorated with wafers

vanilla cake

Pictures: Pinterest

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