Details to decorate your house in autumn

We are slowly approaching autumn. But before that happens, it is a good time to design a cozy and warm refuge where you can enjoy the whole season. To make this easier, today we want to share with you some details that will help you in this decorative process.

The most important thing during autumn is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. To achieve this goal, you don’t need to make big changes, just add certain autumnal decorative touches.

In autumn, you can transform your spaces with colors that evoke warmth of the season, making your walls reflect the earthy and cozy tones that characterize this time of year. Also, consider the possibility of adding an autumnal touch to your home by replacing your bathtub with a more stylish option, perfect for relaxing on the cold days of this season. You can also add an island in your kitchen to make your home an even cozier space during this new season.

Dye your chairs in the color of the season

Details to decorate your house in autumn 3

There is a red for everyone,” Christian Dior used to say: there is purple and crimson, cherry and carmine, but there is also Campari red and Coca-Cola red, Ferrari red and Valentino red, and even the famous red soles of Christian Louboutin shoes. Among the thousands of shades of red, is there one that evokes the color of the characteristic autumn leaves?

Actiu has found it, and has created a chair in its representation: the Bee chair. Aimed at the corporate, contract, and hospitality sectors, both for indoor and outdoor spaces, this model combines innovation, material science, and sustainability with the elegance and sinuosity of its shapes, creating a unique and striking piece.

A 100% sustainable chair that dresses both interiors and exteriors. As we have already seen in other collections such as Wing or Fluit, Bee is made 100% with polypropylene (70%) and fiberglass (30%), providing robustness to the chair. A voluminous and striking aesthetic that combines with great comfort. It has also been awarded at the German Design Awards in the category of Excellent Product Design – Furniture.

Let your walls attract good weather

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In the autumn season, the days are shorter, there is less light and what better time to bring light to our house walls? If you don’t know where to start, we propose several wallpapers to make your house in line with the chromatic trends of the season.

Wall coverings are a wonderful option to give personality and style to your walls. The Insero collection from Arte, a luxury Belgian brand of wallcoverings, with its model “ALIGN,” features a patch-like design in which random sections of jute are joined together approximately. By working with a metallic pigment base, the design acquires a subtle shine. The Align pattern manages to create a sense of spaciousness in the eye of the viewer in the spaces of your home this autumn, thanks to its dynamic vertical lines.

Curves, the latest trend in your kitchen

Details to decorate your house in autumn 5

Over the course of the past year, we have witnessed the unstoppable rise of curved and organic shapes that have taken center stage. Goodbye to straight lines that dominated modern and urban constructions! Now, the softness and elegance of curves have taken over our spaces.

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