Ideas for Fall Decor with Tips – Interior Decoration.

With the end of summer and the drop in temperatures, it is normal for people to spend more time at home in the warmth of their homes. But in order to achieve maximum comfort, the decoration of the different rooms in the house is very important.

When it comes to decorating, we have two options. The first is to go to a decoration store and buy what we need. The second is to do it ourselves, although for this it is necessary to have the appropriate tools.

There are countless ways to improve your own living space and make it more cozy, such as restoring old furniture or turning the ones you like least into your new favorites with little effort and materials.

You can do it!

With a little skill and following the following tips from PARKSIDE, unique decorative objects can be created in the blink of an eye. You only need the right tools and accessories and a dose of motivation to get started.

Round pouf: an ottoman made from car tires

By transforming them into a cozy ottoman, even discarded tires can have a second life. For the basic frame of the classic circular design of a pouf, simply saw two equal wooden circles with the “PARKSIDE PSTDA 20-Li B3” pendulum jigsaw and screw them firmly to the top and bottom of the tire. You can use wood from an old piece of furniture or get some new planks. Then you will need about 90 meters of jute or hemp rope, either in the classic beige color or with colorful prints. Once you have chosen the color, you have to glue the rope in a circle around the entire rim, starting from the center of the top wooden panel. To do this, the rechargeable 20V hot glue gun from PARKSIDE is ideal, which heats up in 60 seconds so you can work immediately and without waiting. Finally, depending on the use you are going to give it, you can add furniture legs to the ottoman, giving it additional charm. Now it can be used as a pouf or as a side table.

Fresh air for your sofa with a new upholstery

If you don’t want to get rid of your favorite armchair, you can easily reupholster it with little effort thanks to the lightweight and compact electric stapler and nailer from PARKSIDE, with comfortable handling and a soft non-slip handle. Upholstering the seats of your old furniture is a fun and sustainable way to give them new life.

Storage space with recycled shelves

Extra storage is always welcome, and if it’s pleasing to the eye, even better. For example, you can create a wall shelf with discarded wooden boards and leather straps.

Simply cut the boards to the desired size and drill some holes to secure the straps. Then attach the leather straps to the wall with the PARKSIDE 20V cordless drill and screwdriver “PABS 20 Li E6” and some screws and plugs to serve as support for the wooden boards. Finally, insert the boards into the leather straps and the modern wall shelf with a touch of industrial elegance will be ready to hang.

Tools for all skill levels

Even larger renovation or decoration projects can be successfully carried out by oneself, achieving professional results. With the right tools, and these don’t always have to be expensive, even those who are less skilled in DIY can carry out ambitious projects at home on a modest budget. With the continuous adjustment miter saw “PKS 1500 B3” from PARKSIDE, both wood and plastic pieces can be easily cut to size. The integrated laser ensures greater cutting precision and safety. Boards can be cut to the appropriate length in no time and individual wall shelves can be created.

via: Opendeco, decoration news in Spanish

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