Discover the timeless style of vintage-inspired furniture.

The world of decoration is a very changing field. What is trendy today may be out of style tomorrow. But there are always elements that, no matter how much time passes, are always present. This is the case with vintage-inspired furniture. These are classic designed furniture that captures the aesthetics from the 1920s to the 1970s, ideal for those who want to create sophisticated and timeless environments.

One of the most outstanding aspects of vintage-inspired furniture is the careful selection of materials used in its manufacturing. These materials not only evoke the essence and authenticity of past eras, but also provide quality and durability to the pieces. Wood, wicker, metals… are the most resistant materials on the market and, therefore, the most sustainable since they can be passed down from generation to generation.

The collection of vintage-inspired furniture from Menamobel encompasses a wide range of options, from coffee tables, consoles, chairs, and armchairs to mirrors and lamps. They are charming pieces that allow you to create unique and personality-filled spaces.

Wood, a noble and sustainable material

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in vintage-inspired furniture. Solid wood, such as beech, oak, or walnut, adds solidity and warmth to the designs. The grain highlights the craftsmanship and natural beauty of the wood and adds an additional vintage charm.

An example is the Zien armchair from Menamobel, which is made of solid beech wood. The fabric it is upholstered with is of maximum quality and can be chosen from a wide variety of designs, allowing it to fit into different styles of decoration, from classic spaces to more modern environments with vintage touches.

Metal, glamour, and resistance

butaca zien

Pieces made of metal add a touch of glamour to any space. Brass and wrought iron are extremely resistant and durable materials that also provide comfort and style.

The Duende round table from Menamobel combines sturdy black metal legs with a wooden tabletop. The softly rounded edges and clean lines give an elegant and polished look to a piece of furniture that combines quality and functionality.

The set of two consoles from Menamobel stands out for its versatility as it is a perfect solution for different spaces. They can be placed in the same room or in two different rooms to bring coherence and style to home decor. In matte black, they are made of antiqued brass, a durable and elegant material.

Glass, a touch of distinction

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Glass is an essential material in decoration that serves to create focal points, is lightweight and very elegant. It can take on different thicknesses, finishes, and textures, such as transparent, frosted, tempered, or engraved glass. In addition, it can be molded and curved to fit customized designs such as tables, shelves, lamps, and mirrors.

This vintage table lamp from Menamobel combines the charm of retro design with contemporary functionality. Its vintage aesthetic makes it an ideal complement to add an original and nostalgic touch to any bedroom. It features a metal structure and three opaque glass globes that emit soft light, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Mirrors are elements that bring a sense of spaciousness, brightness, and depth to the decoration of any room. With this model from Menamobel, you also achieve an extra dose of style and originality due to its successful combination of metal and glass. A classic design reinvented with boldness to adapt it to today’s decoration.

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