Essential furniture in a home office.

Currently, work and how we understand it has changed. Before, work was only seen in offices, leaving the house to go to work… But now, more and more people are looking to work from home. And that implies creating office spaces at home in order to do so.

The design and functionality of these spaces are important, especially if you want to have good productivity while feeling comfortable while working. But what furniture is the most important or essential? Below, we’ll talk about all of them and how you should have them in a home office to help you with efficiency and comfort. Shall we begin?

Versatile desk

A desk, or worktable, is going to be one of the essential furniture pieces for working in your home office. However, in the market, there are many types and sizes. So, relying only on the one you like the most is a mistake.

You need to think about what you are going to put on that table. Do you work only with the computer? Do you need space to write? Do you need to place other essential elements?

In addition, you should consider desks with built-in drawers or shelves for additional storage. This way, you can store things that you are not using at the moment and keep them more organized.

desk with computer on top

Ergonomic chair

Along with the desk, a chair becomes a mandatory element for working while sitting. However, among all the types, ergonomic chairs are the best option.

You see, you’re going to spend, hopefully, about six hours working. Eight is more normal. And ten is typical for remote work. That’s why you have to take maximum care of your back and hips.

An adjustable chair with lumbar support will provide the necessary comfort for long workdays. However, you also need to have good posture so that you don’t have health problems in the long run.

We know that quality ergonomic chairs are expensive. But you shouldn’t see them that way, but rather as an investment because you will really feel better in them.

Shelves or bookcases in your home office

One of the most important keys in a home office is organization. If you want to do good work, you need to have order in that room, and having shelves or bookcases will allow you to keep your books, files, and office supplies organized and within reach.

Depending on where you live, the room you have as your home office, as well as your tastes, needs, etc., you can choose between open or closed furniture. Or a combination of both.

However, try not to overload them because that will only give a feeling of heaviness and make you feel overwhelmed in the room, hindering your concentration and reducing productivity.

File cabinet or drawer unit

Related to the previous point, in your home office, especially if you work with many documents, it will be necessary to include a file cabinet or drawer unit to keep those papers organized and accessible.

In fact, you have two options: you can choose furniture pieces or you can buy cardboard file organizers, store the documents, and use shelves and bookcases to keep them handy. The latter option is more economical and can help you save money if you don’t have a big budget for your home office.

home office

Proper lighting

Believe it or not, using proper lighting will influence both visual comfort and productivity in your home office. In other words, your eyes will tire less, and you will be more productive when working.

For this, you need to have natural light, as much as possible. If you can, place the desk near a window to let in natural light. But be careful, because if you live in an area where it gets very hot in the summer, you may end up having to close the blinds to avoid direct sunlight.

In addition to natural light, you will also need general light (a central ceiling lamp). You may also need a desk lamp, preferably with adjustable light, to avoid eye fatigue and have that area well lit.

Secondary screen or monitor stand

This is more optional than essential, as it depends on whether you use the computer for work and need an extra screen for your work. You can choose to have that or a larger screen (for example, a 39-inch one).

If you don’t use the computer too much, you won’t need this as much.

Surface for taking notes

Even if you work with the computer, you will usually need to take notes, hang something on a corkboard, have a wall with chalkboard paint (or a whiteboard attached)… to write things down.

And for that, you can use the desk or the walls in your home.

It’s an additional feature that helps you stay organized and maintain your creativity.

As you can see, there are several essential furniture pieces for a home office. Now, it’s up to you how you organize yourself. However, if possible, include a plant to add a green touch to that room.

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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