Eco-chic style: reinvent your bathroom with the natural trend.

The eco-chic design in decoration combines sophistication with a deep respect for the environment. It prioritizes the use of natural, recycled, and sustainable elements, and delves into the integration of details that evoke nature. Through this approach, the goal is to create environments that are not only visually enchanting but also respectful of our surroundings. With the help of Strohm Teka, it is possible to infuse this eco-chic essence even in your bathroom space.

Respect for the environment

A large part of the essence of the eco-chic style is based on the search for environmentally friendly materials and their use to help maintain a cleaner ecosystem. These principles are found in the Dessin collection from Strohm Teka. Specializing in global solutions for the bathroom, the brand presents a collection that surprises both in essence and appearance. The entire collection stands out for being environmentally friendly, both in its manufacturing processes and in materials, and for offering real water and energy savings during its use. Without compromising aesthetics and thanks to its simple lines design, it adapts to any style.

Firstly, Strohm Teka has based the production of the faucets on the use of more ecological materials such as Chrome III – less harmful to living beings – and lead-free brass – less environmentally polluting. In addition, it promotes water savings through its flow reducer, as well as energy savings thanks to its cold opening system.

As for the furniture, the material used for manufacturing has FSC certification, which ensures controlled logging and responsible replanting of forests.

A natural touch with elegance


To include the magic of nature in the pieces, Strohm Teka presents the Lavi collection. Inspired by organic designs and elements of nature, it creates a perfect balance between home and the natural environment. Each line and curve of this collection has been carefully designed to achieve a visual and functional balance.

One of the most outstanding features of the Lavi collection is its choice of colors. Basic tones such as white and black are used to convey feelings of purity, tranquility, and authority. All the faucets incorporate visually elements that imitate wood in white and black finishes, providing an exceptional design touch.

But the highlight of the Lavi collection is its bathtub set. Its smooth texture and matte finish bring aesthetic quality and a unique touch. In addition, it is complemented by a wooden footrest platform that recreates the feeling of being in a spa and also brings warmth to the space. The towel rack faucet, both aesthetic and practical, is perfect for creating minimalist and modern environments. And to complete the wellness experience in the bathroom, an accessory wooden tray is included.

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