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Nowadays it is common for people to seek maximum comfort in our homes. This has become especially important in the bathroom, a room that has gained great importance in recent years. In this sense, shower trays have become essential elements to achieve that comfort, along with a proper choice of the shower screen.

Among all the shower tray models available in the market, Gravitzero by Nuovvo stands out for being the lightest and impact-resistant. A product that is made from a combination of resins and Gel Coat alloys, combined with rigid high-strength foam.

Gravitzero® is 85% lighter than a conventional resin shower tray. Therefore, it is perfect for apartments without elevators or renovations where a single person has to install a large shower tray. With Nuovvo’s new patent, a world of possibilities opens up for bathroom renovations. Never before has it been so easy to install and move a shower tray.

Categorized as the lightest and most impact-resistant shower tray on the market, thanks to the innovative material composition that facilitates transport and installation without losing its resistance and hardness properties.

Also, due to its compact composition, this shower tray is resistant to surface scratches. Rated 5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

This large format shower tray is available in a variety of sizes, but its versatility also allows it to be custom cut if necessary, always leaving the factory at the desired final size by the customer.

It has a pleasant non-slip finish, the Slate texture, a texture similar to slate. It is also available in fifteen different colors ranging from the most elegant black to the purest white, as well as various shades of greys, ochres, and browns like chocolate, mocha, or sand. Its variety does not end here, as any color from the RAL chart can also be requested upon order.

The maximum safety and comfort are guaranteed at all times with the patented shower tray Gravitzero® by Nuovvo®.

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