Hearts decor for St. Valentine

Today we bring here more ideas to create a romantic atmosphere on St. Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you already have a date with someone special or a party with some friends at home, so here you have a special and original ornament for your decoration. We have prepared for you a hearts bouquet to hang on your door, on a wall or on a window, wherever you want.


Source: Snippets of design
Source: Snippets of design

Decorate with hearts is an easy task

This year, you’ll know how to prepare some special decorations for this day. To prepare the hearts bouquet you have to cut different patterned papers and cardboard in heart shape. You need to have some ropes and glue. You also can decorate the ropes with little bows or beads.

It is not difficult looking for these materials. With a few time and not expensive materials you could dress your home for that special occasion.

How to do it

To make this craft, you have to cut the cardboard in heart shape and then the patterned paper. The next step is putting some glue on the cardboard and stick to it the piece of patterned paper previously cut.

When you have enough hearts to make this craft and make the bouquet look like the one in the photo above you have to go to the next step. Put some glue in the back part of the heart and stick a rope to it. Repeat the process with all the hearts. These ropes will be used to tie all the hearts and form a bouquet.

Easy peasy! Then you just have to choose the place where you are going to put the craft. As we have said you can put it wherever you want, it will look amazing everywhere!

Did you like this craft? Do you have more ideas for St. Valentine?

Via: Decoración 2.0

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