Gorgeous ideas for recycling egg cartons

Today, we bring you some ideas for recycling egg cartons. These usual containers can be reused in a lot of different ways, for example they’re made of a really well insulating material that is perfect for soundproofing. In the following post, we’ll gather the ideas we’ve like the most to give our egg cartons a second chance.

Mini-flowerpots made with an egg carton

You can use some wet cotton to make the seeds come up in just some days and then, you’ll be able to replant them with soil, like in the image. These mini-flowerpots are truly green craft and they are a great idea to make our seeds grow before we move it to bigger flowerpots.

egg carton plants

Source: diarioecologia.com

Flowers garland decoration

Another good idea for recycling egg cartons is the beautiful garland we can see in the picture. We can make different kinds of flowers with the gaps of the carton and paint them with the colors we prefer to create a beautiful craft. As you can see in the picture, we can combine the garland with a frame to create this superb and original decoration.

egg carton decoration with frame

Source: Pinterest

Jewelry box made with egg cartons

If you have too many necklaces, bracelets and rings and you’re tired that they’re always tangled up, you can recycle egg cartons to organize them! This idea is great for organizing our jewelry. You can stack different cartons in your drawer if necessary, without having to worry about the mess! Moreover, you can personalize the egg cartons with different colors!

egg carton for organizing jewels

Source: diarioecologia.com

Bouquet made with egg cartons

This colorful and funny idea is perfect for decorating a chest of drawers or a table in our living room or sitting room. Choose the best combination of colors for your decoration and create as many flowers as you want! You can give your flowers a more creative style by using buttons to complete them, as you can see in the picture below.

bouquet with egg carton

Source: austinweddingblog.com

DIY egg carton for your Easter eggs

This original idea is perfect for making some handcrafting with the little ones of the family! Gather some egg cartons, prepare your favorite colors and create the most beautiful container ever for your Easter eggs! You can add a lace; write a message on the cover or anything you like to personalize it.

easter egg carton

Source: lefrufru.com

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