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During the summer months, the number of vacant homes increases significantly compared to other times of the year. This situation is well known to burglars who take advantage to rob in the largest number of homes. Because of this, summer is the time of year when the demand for advanced security systems that guarantee greater security in homes increases the most.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Interior, in 2022 there were 86,308 home burglaries using force, representing a 14.3% increase compared to the previous year. Faced with this reality, citizens in Spain are taking measures: a survey conducted by ADT in 2022 indicates that 65% of homes already have installed smart home devices, and it is estimated that by 2024, 82% of Spaniards plan to adopt this technology. Additionally, the report highlights that remote door opening and closing capability is one of the most requested services, with 22% of Spaniards showing interest in this type of device.

“The security systems provided by home automation help owners enjoy their rest without worries,” comments Martin Pansy, CEO of Nuki. “Smart homes offer a multitude of technological solutions in terms of protection, such as surveillance cameras, sensors, alarms, or smart locks. The latter allow users to monitor the entrances and exits of their home in real time and from anywhere, guaranteeing a convenient, secure, and immediate service.”

Smart locks to protect homes during vacations

Home automation companies are experiencing a moment of great splendor in terms of sales. Nuki, the leading company in smart access solutions, has increased sales in our country by 145%, with smart locks being the most demanded product. This growth moment is driven by the great advantages offered by these devices:

– Check that the door is properly closed: Users can remotely ensure that the door of their home is properly closed using a smartphone or tablet. In this way, smart locks offer permanent control by the owners.

– Lock the door: If someone is unsure whether they have securely locked the door while traveling or on vacation, smart locks allow users to lock their home from anywhere.

– Identify if someone has attempted to force the lock: Thanks to the high-security mechanism of these devices, an alert will be triggered if someone tries to invade the home in real time, allowing for a quick reaction from the owners, even if they are not physically there.

– Open the door to authorized individuals: With this type of lock, users can grant access to the interior of the home to anyone they want, such as a family member who takes care of watering the plants or feeding the cat, a delivery person who wants to deliver an urgent package, or the person in charge of cleaning. For this action, there is the possibility of directly opening the door remotely, while with Nuki Home Set Pro, with the Keypad accessory, it is possible to give a code to each of these individuals so they can access the home, allowing for the change or cancellation of the code at any time.

– Control who enters and exits: The advanced technology of smart locks has the ability to identify the number of people entering and exiting the home and at what time. Thus, homeowners can have absolute control over their door whenever they want.

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