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Would you like to design your own house? With Home by me, you’ll be able to do that and much more. Home by me is an interior design app that let you design your home in 3D. Like this, your dreamed home is just waiting for you.


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Do you know the Sims? If you know this popular videogame, you’ll have a clue of what you will get with Home by me. This program is the perfect solution for designing every kind of interiors from your PC or your Pad. What do you think?

Home by me

The idea of creating a 3D house is so striking! Like if it was a game, this app helps you to make your dreams come true. With Home by me, your interior design comes to like in 3D.

If you enter the official website, you’ll be able to download the desktop app. It will just take you some seconds to get it! This easy and creative application helps you creating your house the way you like. Or you can reproduce your current house in order to redecorate it!

With a little help of your imagination


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Do you recognize this home’s design? It’s Dexter Morgan house from the TV series Dexter. As you can see, you can create and build every detail you want: several floors, apartments, house with garden, small attics, confortable lofts and many more ideas. With Home by me, you can design anything, even the houses of your favorite characters. Design your home in 3D, your imagination sets the limits.

Build walls, add furniture, details, play with colors, and look for complements in order to create the most stylish and confortable design. When you try the app you’ll see how simple it is to use and as much as you use it, you’ll discover more possibilities.

Redecorating your home


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As we have mentioned before, if you want you can also take advantage of this program for redecorating your current house. To do so, you should measure all your house and include these numbers into the program. Like this, it will be more accurate and the results will be superb. When you’ve done that, you can change or rearrange the furniture. Add or remove objects. This app is a safe place for creating and transforming anything you want without problem. If you change something in 3D and you don’t like the results, you just need to go back and try again. Home by me help you to design your dreamed house, so try different lighting, colors, windows… And check what’s the best for your house.

Design your home in 3D


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This app has an engine that helps you design your home in 3D. When you install the program, you’ll find an initial tutorial that explains you how to use the app. Like this and looking into the program, you’ll be able to build your house. Furnishing it is quite easy and you can always save your projects and continue later. For saving your projects, you’ll need an account and there you’ll be able to see all your creations.

Home by me website


Source: Home by me

Explore the different tabs and you’ll see the website projects, from the most popular to the most recent. Like this, you’ll get some inspiration from other projects. Besides, you can also share your own ones to inspire other people and start your own projects from one from the website. You can also click on the 2D plans tab and you’ll see a small tutorial with videos and text that help you draw your own 2D plan. Before furnishing and transforming your walls into 3D, you need to do a schedule. Moreover, you can also find some tips for creating a 3D house.

Honestly, this application is just fantastic: easy and quick to understand. It’s really helpful for reproducing a real house and it’s great for using your imagination while you create the house you’d love to have. Furthermore, the best part is that, with Home by me, you can make sure that the things you picture in your mind really look good. And if they don’t, you can improve them before building them in reality.

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