How to bring the relaxed elegance of the Mediterranean to your garden

The Mediterranean warmth is an elegant and relaxed style that, if applied to your garden, will undoubtedly become a wonderful place to spend your free time. Want to know more about how to achieve it? Pay close attention to everything we have to tell you and choose the options that best fit your home and personal style.

Color palette inspired by the sky and the sea

The Mediterranean region is known for its stunning landscapes, where the blue of the sky meets the shimmer of the sea. To capture this essence in your garden, choose a color palette that includes relaxing tones such as light blue, bright white, and olive green.

Bringing the relaxed elegance of the Mediterranean to your garden 1

You can incorporate these colors in cushions for your outdoor furniture, painted pots, or even in the choice of plants with intense green foliage. Without a doubt, choosing the right color palette will achieve this style that you love so much.

Wicker or rattan furniture

Wicker or rattan furniture is emblematic of the Mediterranean region and adds a touch of relaxed elegance to any outdoor space. Opt for wicker dining chairs and tables to create a cozy and authentic atmosphere.

These furniture pieces, in addition to being visually appealing, are durable and resistant to weather conditions, perfect for enjoying your garden all year round.

Aromatic plants and colorful flowers

Plants and flowers play a crucial role in creating the Mediterranean atmosphere. Introduce aromatics like lavender, rosemary, and thyme, not only to add lovely fragrances but also to infuse a culinary touch to your space.

Combine these plants with vibrant flowers like bougainvillea, bougainvillea, or geraniums to achieve a burst of color that reflects the joy of Mediterranean gardens. You’ll have a wonderful aroma in your garden and it will be a visual feast.

Feng Shui in the garden

Pergolas and vines for shade

In the Mediterranean region, outdoor life is fully enjoyed under charming shades. Introduce a pergola covered in vines like wisteria or grapes, providing a cool and shaded corner for your moments of relaxation.

The vines can offer you shade and you’ll also have a romantic and rustic touch in your garden that will allow you to enjoy the elegance and relaxation of Mediterranean patios.

Terracotta floors

Terracotta floors are a classic choice that evokes the warmth of the Mediterranean. You can opt for terracotta tiles to create a pathway or seating area. This type of flooring not only adds a warm and cozy base, but also reflects the authenticity of traditional Mediterranean floors. Also, terracotta is durable and easy to maintain, ideal for outdoor spaces.

Soft lighting for your nights in the garden

Mediterranean nights are full of charm, and the right lighting can bring that magic to your garden. Opt for soft lights, like lanterns, string lights, or floor lamps with a Mediterranean design. Taking this into account will allow you to have good night light and also add a magical touch to your garden, ideal for enjoying nights under the stars.

Bringing the relaxed elegance of the Mediterranean to your garden 2

Water areas with fountains

The sound of water is a distinctive feature of many Mediterranean gardens. Introduce fountains, small ponds, or even a simple wall fountain to add a relaxing touch to your space. The gentle murmur of water will create a serene atmosphere and transport you to the Mediterranean coast, where the sea breeze blends with the whisper of the waves.

Bringing the relaxed elegance of the Mediterranean region to your garden is easier than you think. With these ideas, you can transform your outdoor space into a personal Mediterranean corner. So, take inspiration from the natural beauty of this region and create a garden that not only reflects your style, but also transports you to the tranquil serenity of the Mediterranean coast.

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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