10 questions to choose the flooring for each room that you should ask yourself

Choosing a floor is a very important decision when designing or renovating a home. In each room, you will have to meet specific needs and customizations, making the choice of flooring complex.

So, to help you make the best decision, here are some questions you should consider to choose it properly. Shall we?

1. Should I use the same flooring for all rooms?

kitchen ceramic floor

If you want to achieve visual continuity in interior design, then yes. But be careful, as it is not always practical to do so.

Before deciding to use the same flooring in all rooms, consider the use and specific needs of each space.

2. What is the level of foot traffic in each room?

By foot traffic, we mean whether it is a heavily trafficked room, such as the living room, kitchen, or if it is lighter, like a bedroom.

In the first case you need to choose a durable floor that can resist wear and tear so it does not deteriorate shortly after installation. In the second case, we recommend prioritizing aesthetics and comfort.

3. How much maintenance am I willing to do?

Depending on the type of material you use, the maintenance will be different. Some only need to be kept clean, swept occasionally, and liquids avoided. Others may require polishing and more special care.

As you can see, this is not cheap. Neither in terms of time nor money. That’s why we recommend choosing based on what you can afford in terms of maintenance. That is, it should fit your preferences in floor care.

4. What impact does moisture have on each room?

One of the most important points related to the floor is moisture. When you live in a house, there may be areas prone to moisture, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

If you want to avoid structural damage, or the formation of mold, before installing a floor, make sure to thoroughly inspect and find out about solutions to waterproof the area or clean these areas well to prevent future problems.

5. What is the desired aesthetic for each space?

In the first question we posed, we mentioned that placing the same floor throughout the house has its advantages, but also its complexity. Each room in a house has its own atmosphere and function. Therefore, choosing the wrong floor can affect the aesthetics and the feeling the room produces.

For example, when it comes to relaxation spaces like a library or bedroom, warm and cozy floors are usually preferred. In contrast, for social areas (dining room, living room, kitchen), you can opt for elegant yet practical and durable floors.

6. Is there a possibility of direct sunlight exposure?

A house, for more or fewer hours, will be exposed to daylight. And specifically to sunlight. Sometimes even direct sunlight. And this can negatively affect the color and durability of the floor over time.

So when choosing a floor, you should know if sunlight shines on your house for several hours to choose one that is resistant to fading.

7. Do I have pets at home?

Pets are part of the family. Some have pets while others do not. And these pets, with their claws, can damage the floor with scratches or “accidents,” leaving irreparable stains.

To avoid this, consider pets-friendly options. Especially in terms of being slip-resistant (to avoid accidents if animals slip).

8. Is sustainability important to me?

If sustainability is a concern for you, research eco-friendly flooring options. Many sustainable materials, such as certified wood or bamboo floors, are available in the market and offer an environmentally friendly alternative.

9. What is the easiest floor to clean?

choose floor

If you don’t have much time to keep your house clean, you’ll need floors that are easy to clean, or that clean very easily.

For this, we recommend ceramic or porcelain floors because they are very easy to clean and also resist stains.

Another option is vinyl and laminate. They will require a little more maintenance, but they get dirty much less than other types.

10. What is my budget?

Last but not least, you will have to take into account your budget and be realistic. It may seem trivial, but the floor of a house is not cheap. And depending on the material, the square meters you need, and the installation, the budget can vanish even before finishing the first room.

So make sure to consider this.

Do you think of any other important questions for choosing a floor?

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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