Hunter Douglas drives innovation in solar protection with the renovation of Mermet.

Hunter Douglas, a global leader in the window coverings market, has announced a bold strategy to solidify its leadership in solar shade solutions in Europe. The company will consolidate all of its operations for solar protection fabrics under the rebranded Mermet brand, integrating decades of experience and expertise from reputable companies such as the Belgian companies Helioscreen and Copaco, the French company Mermet, and the Spanish distributor Screen Protectors into a single, powerful collection.

With an investment of 20 million euros, Hunter Douglas aims to transform the solar protection sector, bringing together its production and logistics capabilities in Belgium, France, and Spain. “This is a statement to the market,” says John Risman, CEO of Hunter Douglas Europe. “By combining our expertise, we establish ourselves more than ever as leaders in solar protection fabrics.”

The initiative not only aims to strengthen Hunter Douglas’ position in the market but also to offer innovative solutions that maximize comfort through high-quality fabrics that provide thermal and optical comfort, as well as optimize energy consumption. Mermet’s products, known for their durability and easy maintenance, are positioned as the ideal choice for customers seeking the perfect combination of functionality and style.

The name Mermet will remain as the umbrella brand in Europe, backed by extensive market research highlighting its strong presence on the continent and beyond. With a complete rebranding, Mermet emphasizes its ambitions to lead the change in the sector.

Since 1951, Mermet has been at the forefront of solar protection, and the brand’s renewal symbolizes a new chapter in its history. With the goal of creating quieter, more intimate, and serene work and living spaces, the unification of forces under Mermet promises to accelerate this mission.

Under the new leadership of Aad Kuiper as president and John Risman as CEO of Hunter Douglas Europe, the company is ready to take its business to new heights. The strategy includes not only the consolidation of collections under a single brand but also the optimization of production and distribution, and the centralization of marketing and R&D efforts.

The unveiling of the new collection of interior screen fabrics will take place at the R+T trade fair in Stuttgart, marking the debut of the renewed Mermet to the world. Additionally, the launch of a new collection of exterior screen fabrics is expected by late 2024 or early 2025, while mosquito nets will continue under the Copaco brand.

With production and distribution centers in Belgium and France, and a new distribution center in Igualada (Barcelona), Mermet is poised to redefine the standard in solar protection solutions, promising innovation, quality, and a renewed commitment to comfort and sustainability.

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