How to choose the right mattresses for each person

Choose a mattress is essential if you want to sleep well and wake up without aches all over your body. But sometimes we buy mattresses based on offers or looking for cheap prices, when that can only make you not sleep well, have back pain, or even other health problems. Do you want to know how to choose mattresses? And which one would be the best according to the person who will use them? Then pay attention because that is what we want to talk to you about next. Shall we begin?

Types of mattresses

The first thing to consider is that, in the market, there are different types of mattresses. These are:

– Foam mattresses. They are characterized by having good support and being comfortable. This makes them adapt to the body shape and relieve pressure. They are ideal if you are a person looking for contoured support. But be careful, because they will wear out and deform due to your weight.
– Spring mattresses. They offer a firmer and traditional support while having good air circulation and not accumulating heat.
– Hybrids: Combine the two above; they have a layer of foam and a layer of springs offering the benefits of both.
– Latex mattresses. They are made of either natural or synthetic material. They are quite durable, environmentally friendly, and comfortable.
– Adjustable. Finally, the last ones are characterized by changing the position of the mattress. They are perfect for people with certain medical conditions or who need to sleep in certain ways.

Key points for choosing a mattress

When buying mattresses, while your budget is the main thing you should consider, you should not only be guided by that. Keep in mind that we spend time in bed, and if you don’t rest well, you can’t perform at 100%. Therefore, always consider the following:


The mattress should fit your space and meet your personal needs. In the market you will find anything from single mattresses to King size ones. And the choice will be based on the space you have available. However, not only look at the height of the mattress, but also the length, as you may find that you need more mattress length if you are very tall.


The ideal firmness will depend on your personal preferences, sleeping position, and support needs. In general, people tend to prefer firmer mattresses for lumbar support, while softer mattresses may be suitable for relieving pressure points. But the latter would need to be changed sooner because they end up deforming.


A good mattress should offer the proper support for your spine, keeping it in natural alignment regardless of the sleeping position. Support is generally provided by a wooden board placed under the mattress to ensure a good surface. In the market, there are various options, from complete upholstered bases (with drawers) to those with legs, headboards, etc.


A quality mattress is a long-term investment. Keep in mind that, generally, a mattress lasts about seven or eight years. So even if it represents a large economic outlay, you should also consider that you will spend years without buying another one if you make a good choice.

Adapt the mattress to the sleeper’s needs

As we told you at the beginning, mattresses cannot be bought lightly, they must be purchased according to the needs of the person who will use it. But, have you ever been told that there is a special mattress for couples, another for people with body heat, or for children? Well, that’s the case:

– For Couples: If you share the bed, opt for a mattress that minimizes movement transfer. In this sense, foam or hybrid mattresses can be a good option.
– For warm people: If you tend to get hot while sleeping, look for mattresses with cooling technologies or breathable materials such as latex or certain types of foam.
– For people with back pain: Medium or firm mattresses are usually recommended for those suffering from back pain, as they offer a balance between support and comfort. And far from what you might think, being firm will not make your back hurt more, in fact, it is the opposite.
– For children and teenagers: Here you will have to pay attention to durability and firmness. Also, as they grow, they will develop other preferences.

Maintenance and care of the mattress

Finally, we want to give you three tips to extend the average lifespan of mattresses and make them last longer. These are:

– Rotation and Flipping: Regularly rotating and flipping the mattress can help maintain its shape and prolong its lifespan. Not all mattresses have this need, but most do, and it should be done both from side to side and top to bottom.
– Protection: It is important to use a mattress protector to safeguard the mattress against spills, stains, and the accumulation of dust mites and other allergens.
– Cleaning: According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you will have to clean the mattress from time to time. That is, vacuum it, remove stains, or even wet it to remove dirt.

Do you now understand how to buy mattresses and not make a mistake in your choice?

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