Dopamine style: what it is and why it’s trending in home decor

Have you heard of the dopamine style in decoration? It is a trend that is making its mark in 2024 and could stay for a few years. It is characterized by creating spaces that promote happiness and well-being through visual stimuli that increase the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and satisfaction.

To achieve this, some elements and colors are used to influence mood. Want to know more about this style? Then keep reading to discover everything about it. Shall we?

What is the dopamine style?

examples of dopamine style

The first thing you should know is that the dopamine style aims to maximize the feeling of joy and well-being in livable spaces. It is inspired by the concept of “dopamine dressing” in fashion, where the use of vibrant colors and bold patterns is used to elevate mood.

In the context of decoration, this translates into the creation of environments that stimulate the senses and promote a feeling of happiness and comfort.

Characteristics of the dopamine style in decoration

When applying the dopamine style in a home, there are some aspects that need to be taken into account (because they always have to be present). These include:

  • Vibrant colors: They are one of the hallmarks of dopamine style. Colors such as yellow, orange, red, or turquoise, known for their stimulating qualities, are common in this style. These colors can be used on walls, furniture, accessories, or art.
  • Bold patterns and mix of textures: The style encourages the use of striking patterns and the mix of textures to create a dynamic and visually stimulating space. This can include everything from wallpaper with geometric designs to cushions or rugs with varied textures.
  • Natural and artificial lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in dopamine style. Natural light is maximized to enhance the sense of well-being, while artificial lighting is carefully chosen to create the desired atmosphere, with designer lamps and warm colors.
  • Personal and meaningful spaces: Another point to consider is the customization of spaces. To achieve this, objects with meaning or happy memories should be used, so that when you look at them, your body releases dopamine and you feel happier.

Tips for applying the dopamine style in the home

If after reading all of the above, you are inspired to apply this type of decoration in your home for spring and summer, there are some key points that can help you make it look great. Let us explain:

Start with small changes

Going from neutral decoration to colorful is not ideal. First, because you won’t feel at home, and you may even feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, take it slow, starting with adding some cushions, colorful paintings, plants… Then you can add more objects and change them for others. This way you will get used to it and also be pleasantly surprised with each change you make.

Experiment with color

As we mentioned before, colors are key in dopamine style. But not everyone can handle them well.

So, start by painting a wall in a bright color and add accessories in other tones.

If it’s too much for you, go for accessories: cushions, curtains, rugs…

Personalize your space

The dopamine style does not have fixed or specific elements because each person will have objects that make them happy, reflect their personality, or evoke memories.

Those are the ones you should incorporate so that when you look at them, a smile comes to your face and makes you feel better.

Opt for natural light

While you may not always have this type of light, try to make the most of it. Then, opt for lamps that offer warm and cozy light for the evenings.

Tips for integrating the dopamine style in different areas of the home

colorful bedroom

Finally, we will give you some tips for integrating the dopamine style in different areas of a house. This way, you will know how to decorate without going overboard with colors.

In the living room, considering it is the heart of a home, we recommend adding sofas or chairs with vibrant colors. On the sofa, add cushions with geometric or floral patterns in other colors.

For the walls, choose paintings that make you feel happy. Or if possible, paint just one wall with a bright color.

For the bedroom, opt for bedding with cheerful colors or patterns. Add a bright headboard and some accessories on bedside tables or furniture you have.

The kitchen and dining room are where you can play with dopamine style the most, as you can choose utensils, tableware, or chairs and tables in colors.

Finally, in the bathroom you could place towels, shower curtains, or colorful accessories. That will instantly transform the space.

Are you ready to apply the dopamine style in your home?

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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