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Decorating can be done not only with respect to the rooms of the house. The elements we use in those rooms can also have a different look. Have you ever considered giving a different life to a bookshelf? Do you know how to decorate a bookshelf?

If you are interested, we will give you some decorating ideas that can make that piece of furniture look completely different from what you have (or you can redecorate without having to change furniture. Shall we start?

Shelving Ideas

bookshelf with books

As you know, shelves can come in many types. There are large ones, with different shelves, rectangular, square, with original shapes… In most cases the material defines the color of these, with wood and aluminum being the most common.

But, can they be transformed into other shelves? The truth is yes, and here are some ideas:

Painting them

We start by giving them a complete color wash. Most shelves can be painted (with paint that suits the material it is made of). For example, if your shelf is made of wood and you want to make it red, you just need to paint over it with that color (maybe a couple of coats) to decorate a shelf.

By painting them, you can hide some of the imperfections it may have, perhaps from the passage of time, and make it look like new. Even using the same color as the shelf, painting it can make it regain its original color and look more attractive to then place decorations on it.

When painting, you can choose to do it entirely or just on the shelves, walls… Depending on the effect you want (to make it look wider, narrower, deeper…) you can create different results.

Covering it

Have you ever thought about decorating a shelf and turning it into a focal point where you want all eyes to go? You can achieve this by using adhesive paper and placing it on the shelf to cover it completely. Although many people use it only on the shelves.

On one hand, you hide any defects that may have been caused by the passage of time. On the other hand, you provide a base to prevent scratches, while also decorating.

One example could be covering the shelves and creating a kind of diorama on each one, so that the decorative ornaments you place make it look like a unique scene. To make it clearer: imagine you have several Disney dolls. You could place adhesive paper simulating the floor of a palace (and even choose one for the walls and background of a palace) and place the princesses in various poses as if they were having a meeting.

Baskets for decoration

A shelf is not a piece of furniture that you can change too much. But when it comes to organizing ornaments, the ideas can almost multiply infinitely. In this case we recommend that you use wicker baskets or similar to decorate a white or aluminum shelf, as it will have a more visually pleasing result.

Another option, in addition to baskets, could be boxes. Use decorative ones to create an effect with the room’s decoration.

Decorating a shelf with neutral colors

A shelf serves to place ornaments, but also books. However, these usually have different colors, which means you cannot use shelf decorations with a neutral color tone. Unless you turn the books around.

Instead of placing the spine out, place them with the pages facing out. This way, the books will look with yellow or white hues that match better with a shelf in neutral tones. However, keep in mind that they will deteriorate more easily.

Another option is to place them, instead of all vertically, some in that position and others horizontally, either with the spine visible or the opposite.

Play with the wall

Shelf according to personality

When the shelf you have is open, the decoration on the wall where you will place the shelf serves as a decorative element in itself. And this is something important to consider to avoid overloading it.

You can indeed place another paint or paper on that area (to highlight, to blend in…) but you can also make the shelf itself appear as part of the wall.

However, when placing the figures and other decorations, you should leave more free space, or in case of using strong colors, it could look too crowded and create an unpleasant effect.

Decorating a shelf with lighting

Specifically, we suggest you use LED strips to create different lighting effects. To decorate a shelf like this, you could place a light intensity on each shelf, or make them point to specific elements. This way you can highlight some of the ornaments you place.

However, it’s also not advisable to overdo it with the light. It is usually placed at the base or at the top of the shelf, or through small lamps, you can focus attention on an element of the shelf.

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate a shelf. Do you know any more? Let us know in the comments.

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