Uncommon colors to paint the rooms in your home

If you like design and creating unique environments in your home, then you are in the right place. You can give an innovative twist to your home decoration by opting for colors that are considered rare, but actually bring a special touch to your house. Forget about conventional colors and dare to explore rare and fascinating tones that can completely transform any space. These colors will add a unique touch to your home and reflect your personality and good taste. Take note!

Petroleum Blue

Petroleum blue will bring depth and elegance to your home. It is a color that combines the calmness of blue with the richness of green, creating a deep and sophisticated tone. This color is perfect for giving your home a sense of elegance and modernity without being too overwhelming.

How to use it? Take note of these ideas:

  • Living room: paint an accent wall in petroleum blue and combine it with furniture in neutral tones like gray or beige. Add some golden touches in accessories for an even more sophisticated look.
  • Bedroom: use petroleum blue to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Combine it with white bedding and natural wood to balance the intensity of the color.
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Olive Green

Olive green will bring natural serenity as it is an earthy and calming tone that brings the beauty of nature inside your home. It is a versatile color that can be both cozy and elegant, depending on how you combine it.

Here’s how you can use it:

  • Kitchen: paint the kitchen cabinets or a wall in olive green for a fresh and natural look. Complement with wooden and metal details for a rustic and modern style.
  • Home office: use olive green in your workspace to promote concentration and serenity. Combine it with clean lines furniture and minimalist accessories.

Mustard Yellow

Have you ever thought about using mustard yellow in your home but didn’t dare? This color brings energy and warmth to your home almost without you realizing it. This tone, more sophisticated than traditional yellow, can transform a dull space into a vibrant area.

Ideas for using it:

Dining room: paint the dining room walls in mustard yellow to create a cozy and stimulating environment. Complement with dark furniture and touches of white for a balanced contrast.
Hallway: liven up a dark hallway with a coat of mustard yellow paint. Add some framed artwork in complementary colors for a complete look.

yellow combination for the home


Terracotta is a warm and earthy color that evokes Mediterranean landscapes. This tone can bring a sense of warmth and comfort to your home, making any space feel cozy.

Some ideas for using it:

Living room: paint a wall in terracotta and combine it with furniture in natural tones and textiles in neutral colors. Add green plants for a fresh and vibrant touch.
Bathroom: use terracotta on the bathroom walls to create a cozy and relaxing space. Complement with accessories in golden and white tones for an elegant look.


Mauve is a soft and sophisticated color that combines the mystery of purple with the softness of gray. This tone is perfect for creating a tranquil and elegant atmosphere in any room.

If you’re not sure how to use it, pay attention to this:

  • Bedroom: use this color to paint the walls in mauve for a romantic and relaxing touch. Complement with white bedding and silver details for a serene and chic look.
  • Living room: use mauve on the walls of the living room and combine it with furniture in neutral tones and touches of black for a contemporary and elegant style.
pink color painting with roller

Slate Gray

Slate gray is a dark and sophisticated tone that can add a sense of modernity and style to any space. This neutral color is extremely versatile and can be combined with a wide range of other tones.

Here’s how it will look best if you decide to use it:

  • Kitchen: add this color to kitchen cabinets in slate gray for a modern and elegant look. Complement with white countertops and metallic details for a polished finish.
  • Living room: use slate gray on an accent wall and combine it with furniture in light tones and touches of wood for a perfect balance between modernity and warmth.

Powder Pink

Powder pink is a soft and modern tone that can add a touch of sweetness and elegance to any room. This color is ideal for those seeking a contemporary style with a romantic touch.

Here’s how you can use it:

  • Master bedroom: use this color for the walls with powder pink to create a tranquil and cozy atmosphere. Complement with white bedding and furniture in gray tones for a balanced look.
  • Kids room: use this color on the walls of a kids’ room for a sweet and cozy space. Add details in bright and fun colors for a playful touch.

Choosing rare colors to paint your home can be a wonderful way to express your personality and give a unique touch to your spaces. These unconventional tones will not only transform your rooms, but also allow you to enjoy a refreshed environment full of character.

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