How to decorate a welcome corner at a wedding

Summertime is one of the favorite seasons for couples to get married. Perhaps you are finalizing the details for your wedding, or maybe you have started planning for next year. One of those details might be the welcome corner. But, how to decorate a welcome corner at a wedding?

If you are not sure what we are talking about, or you do not have much of an idea on how to decorate it to make it original and unique at your wedding, so all the guests can enjoy it, then this is something you should know. Shall we begin?

What is a welcome corner at a wedding

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As you know, a wedding is divided into two parts. Sometimes three. The first one is the church, the Town Hall, or the courthouse, depending on where you are getting married. It is true that sometimes it does not have to be just those places, you can get married at a house, on the beach… But usually it’s those.

The second part is the reception, which happens at a restaurant, a house, etc. And the third, optional for many, is the post-reception party. In most cases, it takes place at the same location as the reception, but sometimes it’s different.

Well, a welcome corner at a wedding is basically a small space where the wedding is announced and decorated in a very similar way to how it will be found inside.

Of course, there are bigger and smaller corners. Some allow guests to take photos (like a photo booth) and others simply have a sign announcing the wedding of the couple and that’s it. In other words, there are multiple possibilities to decorate a welcome corner at a wedding.

When several weddings are held in the same place, the welcome corner is very useful for guests to know exactly where the wedding they are attending is.

How to decorate a welcome corner at a wedding

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Now that you have a better idea of what a welcome corner at a wedding is, it’s time to move on to decorating it. And here we must tell you that there are endless possibilities to decorate a welcome corner at a wedding, from the simplest and classic to the most modern that involve the guests themselves.

This means that each one is totally different from the other. Each bride and groom can design it to their liking or to the liking of the wedding. It means that not all will have a sign with the same information (personalizing it, but having the same details), nor will the decoration be the same.

One of the essential elements to decorate a welcome corner at a wedding will be the sign. You can put the names of the couple, welcome the guests, put a meaningful phrase for the newlyweds…

Next to the sign, another almost ‘mandatory’ element when decorating a welcome corner at a wedding are the flowers, whether framing the sign, below it, in vases, in baskets… Of course, those flowers can be to thank the guests or simply as decoration.

Another common element in a welcome corner at a wedding is the reception table. It is a decorative table, but it can also be a piece of furniture, for example, a desk, a chest of drawers, etc. On top of it, flowers are placed, but there can also be a guestbook for guests to leave their best wishes, instruction signs (for example, to know at which table they should sit, or what the couple wants them to do).

Finally, the details for the guests. We are not talking about the gifts the couple gives at the reception, but welcome details, such as a fan, handkerchiefs, drinks, slippers (especially for the after-party), etc. These can decorate a welcome corner at a wedding.

As an optional touch, you could think of adding more things like proper lighting (especially for evening and night weddings), photos of the couple, signs, music, tobacco tables, candy tables…

Ideas to decorate a welcome corner at a wedding

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Finally, we want to give you some ideas to decorate a welcome corner at a wedding. There are many decorations to choose from, so we present just a few:

  • Rustic style: you will need a wooden welcome sign (an old chalkboard also works), burlap, and lace. Get some wooden barrels or antique tables and place lace on the edges. On top, put rustic vases with wildflowers. Leave space for a guestbook that will be open inside an antique wooden chest. And lastly, put some garlands or candles in vintage lamps.
  • Bohemian style: opt for a handmade welcome sign with hanging colorful fabrics. Use a Persian rug and cushions to place it on the floor creating that corner. Add flowers and plants in ceramic pots and hanging macramé. Also, put a table with natural objects (feathers, shells…) and gifts for the guests. To finish, a flower garland and some dreamcatchers.
  • Romantic style: go for a classic welcome sign with fresh flowers around it. Use a table or a piece of furniture that looks classic as well and cover it with silk, lace, etc. If it has drawers, you can open some and place pastel and white flower bouquets. Place crystal candle holders on top and small welcome cards with a romantic and elegant typography for the guests.

Have you taken notes on decorating a welcome corner at a wedding?

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