Teka expands its most exclusive Infinity | G1 edition after its international success.

Teka Company has decided to expand its Infinity | G1 edition following international success. This exclusive edition, designed and developed by the Italian studio Italdesign Giugiaro, blends two seemingly unrelated worlds: automotive and culinary.

This special edition will now include five new and innovative products. Particularly notable are the ovens, available in two versions: pyrolytic and hydrolytic. Both models are multi-functional with SurroundTemp, featuring 9 cooking functions to ensure even heat distribution, even at different levels.

The compact 45 cm microwave fits perfectly in small spaces, and when placed horizontally next to the oven and drawer, it offers a practical and aesthetic solution. The automatic coffee machine, a first for this edition at 45 cm, can also be combined horizontally. The new 90 cm cooktops, available in induction and gas, offer versatility to cater to different culinary preferences. With 30 cm more cooking space than traditional cooktops, they are ideal for larger kitchens. The 90 cm range hood complements these cooktops perfectly, ensuring a kitchen free from smoke and odors.

All products in the Infinity | G1 edition are developed with the edition’s characteristic elegance and exclusive matte black finish. Additionally, they boast an exclusive design that fits any space, making them the best alternative to maintain the aesthetics of a unique kitchen.

This exclusive edition has received multiple recognitions and awards, including the Good Design Award, the International Design Award, the European Product Design Award, and the IF Design Award.

The Infinity | G1 edition results from Teka’s continuous commitment to genuinely and innovatively center design, merging Italian design and German technology, representing one of its most groundbreaking proposals that has reaped greater international successes.

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