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Organizing a small kitchen can be a big challenge. However, with careful planning of its space and the choice of ergonomic and practical solutions, you can have a comfortable space where you can carry out your culinary plans. Discover how to decorate a small kitchen and how to equip it.

Accurate measurement and a good plan are the foundation of success in arrangement

With the dimensions of the room at your disposal, you can start planning the placement of furniture and its aesthetics. Look for inspiration on the internet, on TV shows, or in the press. Visit various furniture stores and custom furniture showrooms. With this type of insight, you’ll be able to more easily find your favorite style.

Organizing a small kitchen

Even the smallest kitchen should offer some basic areas:

– Storage area: this is where you’ll place food and dishes. Therefore, this area should have a refrigerator, as well as cabinets with shelves or drawers.

– Washing and preparation area: here you can wash vegetables, peel them, prepare sandwiches, or mix a cake. This area should include a sink, as well as a countertop, baskets, and bins.

– The cooking area, that is, the space where the cooking process itself takes place. The area must include a cooktop and an oven.

The smaller the space available, the narrower the individual areas will be, but it’s important to organize all the available space as ergonomically as possible. Therefore, the use of zoning is crucial, as it’s convenient to have the refrigerator close to the counter and the sink reasonably close to the counter and cooktop.

Compact solutions for a small kitchen

A small kitchen is a relative term: it means something completely different to each person. Some think that a separate kitchen with a 14-square-meter window is small. Others only have a small one in the living room or hallway, or a room of several meters. In fact, it makes no sense to search for a definition of the term “small kitchen,” it’s better to focus on what can be done to organize the space available in a practical way. Compact solutions dedicated to small kitchens are the ideal option. Great examples of this option are two-burner cooktops, 45 centimeter wide dishwashers, or under-counter refrigerators. If there is not enough space for a large dishwasher, it is not worth giving it up completely: it is better to install a slim version and run it a bit more often.

A small kitchen with a lot of potential: make the most of wall space

Instead of worrying about the small space of the kitchen, consider making a built-in that takes advantage of the full height of the room. You can easily order a custom solution or build it from modular furniture.

A vertical extension of the kitchen makes a lot of sense, as upper cabinets can store less frequently used but necessary objects. If you’re worried about the overwhelming effect of too many cabinets, use a simple trick: choose upper cabinets the color of the wall on which they hang and the lower ones a darker color. The effect will be light and subtle.

Equip your kitchen with only the essentials

In many kitchens, the lack of space is not due to a microscopic space but to an excess of objects. Consider how much dishes, accessories, and baking trays you really need. Modern pots and pans you’ll find are ergonomic and practical. Some models can be easily stored stacked on top of each other, saving a lot of space.

Ensure good organization inside cabinets and drawers

Storing kitchen accessories and food so that valuable space is not wasted requires some simple accessories like dividers and drawer organizers. They will make organizing the contents of cabinets easier. Another way to make better use of the available space is to store food (especially loose food) in special containers that can be stacked on top of each other and very close together. You can find these types of containers for food and beverages at very good prices.

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Remember optical tricks

Did you know that certain colors and motifs can make a room seem more spacious? Light surfaces and furniture with a slight shine that reflects light work in this way. A wall mirror, which reflects part of the interior and makes it seem larger, will also provide a similar effect. Light and well-lit kitchens will always appear more spacious than the same kitchens with darker colors. Also, there’s nothing that improves the perception of an interior as much as order: the fewer objects stacked on the countertop and open spaces of a small kitchen, the bigger it will seem.

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