How should towels and sheets be washed to make them as crisp as in hotels?

The quality of sleep and comfort are essential aspects for daily well-being, and one of the secrets to achieving that luxurious feeling at home lies in the proper care of towels and sheets. Ensuring that these garments maintain the softness and freshness characteristic of first-class hotels is not impossible. In fact, with some specific techniques and the proper use of modern technology in self-service laundries, this goal can be achieved.

The Importance of Temperature Control

One key to replicating the hotel experience at home is controlling the temperature during washing. According to recommendations from the World Health Organization, to effectively eliminate germs and pathogens, the minimum water temperature should be 60°C. Roberto Haboba Gleizer, CEO of Splash Laundry, explains that “modern self-service laundries offer programs with high washing temperatures and gentle drying to prevent roughness and damage to garments, helping to achieve high washing standards.”

Washing and Drying: Optimal Temperatures

Washing at high temperatures is essential for disinfection, but drying must be handled with more care. Using gentle drying programs is crucial to prevent fabric fibers from becoming damaged or rough. Haboba Gleizer points out that “the technology available in self-service laundries allows for choosing washing programs that perfectly meet these requirements and even exceed them.”

Space and Specific Programs

To ensure effective washing, it is important not to overload the washing machines. Leaving enough space allows garments to move freely and be washed more effectively. Additionally, specific programs should be chosen for bedding or cotton, and if possible, a gentle drying program should be used immediately after washing.

Use of Suitable Detergents

The type of detergent used also plays a crucial role. Experts recommend using specific detergents for each type of garment, considering color and fabric. Haboba Gleizer comments that “chemical products used in laundries have a higher quality than household ones and are biodegradable.” This quality ensures that sheets and towels not only remain clean but also soft and fragrant.

Frequency and Storage

The frequency of washing is also a factor to consider for maintaining the freshness and hygiene of garments. In hotels, sheets and towels are changed frequently. To replicate this practice at home, it is recommended to wash them at least once a week. Additionally, it is important to store them in dry and ventilated places to prolong their durability.

In Summary

Achieving the quality and softness of towels and sheets found in luxury hotels at home requires attention to several details. Temperature control in washing and drying, the use of suitable detergents, and washing frequency are fundamental aspects to achieve this goal. With the modern technology available in self-service laundries, replicating the comfort and well-being sensation of first-class hotels is more accessible than ever.

Roberto Haboba Gleizer concludes that “for those seeking to replicate that luxury experience at home, following these recommendations will not only guarantee higher quality in garments but also better rest and a general feeling of well-being.” Thus, with some adjustments in washing routines and the use of advanced technology, any household can enjoy the comfort of a high-end hotel.

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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