How to Wash Towels and Sheets so They Feel Like Those at Luxury Hotels

Replicating the luxury and comfort of first-class hotels in the comfort of your own home is a common desire. The softness and fluffiness of hotel towels and sheets are key elements for achieving better rest. But how can you reach that level of quality at home? Roberto Haboba Gleizer, CEO of Splash Laundry, shares some professional tips to achieve it.

The Importance of Temperature

Temperature control is crucial for eliminating germs and maintaining bedding and towels in optimal condition. The World Health Organization recommends washing clothes at a minimum temperature of 60ºC (140°F) to ensure proper disinfection. In this regard, modern self-service laundries are equipped with washing programs that meet and exceed these requirements, achieving high cleaning standards.

“In modern self-service laundries, the programs include washing at high temperatures and temperate drying to avoid roughness and damage to the garments, helping to achieve high washing standards,” explains Roberto Haboba Gleizer.

High Temperature Washing and Temperate Drying

While high temperature is essential for washing, drying requires a different approach. “If it is advisable to raise the temperature for washing, the professional advice for drying is the opposite, and it is better to use temperate programs to avoid roughness or damage to the fabric fibers,” adds Haboba Gleizer.

Furthermore, it’s important not to overload washing machines. Leaving space for the garments to move freely inside the machine is crucial for effective washing. Using specific programs for bedding or cotton clothes is also recommended, and if possible, follow with a gentle drying program immediately afterward.

Use of Detergents and Chemicals

Another key factor for achieving hotel quality at home is the choice of suitable detergents and chemicals. These should be specific for each type of garment, considering the color and fabric. The products used in professional laundries often have superior quality than those for home use and are also biodegradable.

“In hotels, sheets and towels are changed frequently to maintain freshness and hygiene. Therefore, from our experience, we recommend washing them at least once a week and keeping them stored in dry and ventilated places for greater durability,” says Haboba Gleizer.

The Final Touch: Softness and Scent

To combine disinfection, softness, and scent, it is crucial to follow these steps in detail. High-quality detergents not only clean but also add a touch of softness and freshness characteristic of hotel garments. By following washing and drying recommendations, along with using suitable products, it is possible to replicate that luxury and well-being feeling at home.

Benefits of a Good Rest

Sleeping properly improves cognitive functioning, reduces morbidity, and increases quality of life compared to those who sleep less. Having soft and fluffy towels and sheets significantly contributes to a good rest, replicating the experience of high-end hotels.


Achieving towels and sheets just like in hotels is a combination of specific techniques and quality products. From controlling water temperature and using temperate drying programs to choosing the right detergents and not overloading washers, each step is crucial for maintaining the freshness and softness of the garments.

“With current technology and the right products, it is more accessible than ever to replicate the luxury and comfort of high-end hotels at home,” concludes Roberto Haboba Gleizer, CEO of Splash Laundry. With these tips, anyone can enjoy restorative rest and the feeling of luxury every day in their own home.

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