Ideas for making your own vegetable garden at home

Would you like to fill your kitchen with delicious scents? Make a vegetable garden at home. It can be quite simple and easy… Would you like to know more? Keep reading…

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Making a vegetable garden at home can be easy and fun. Remember that there is a wide variety of aromatic herbs and plants you can grow easily at home. Like that, you’ll have your own aromatic herbs to season your meals while cooking. Moreover, it’s a good idea for decorating different spaces of your home, such as the dinning room or a small garden. Among the herbs you can grow, you can find mint, parsley, lavender, thyme, oregano, etc.

A DIY vegetable garden at home

garden-DIY1Source: Bruce Guenter

You can use some wet cotton to make the seeds come up in just some days and then, you’ll be able to replant them with soil, like in the image. These mini-flowerpots are truly green craft and they are a great idea to make our seeds grow before we move it to bigger flowerpots.

garden-DIY2Source: secondchancetodream

Pallets are made of an ideal material that is easy to recycle so that you can transform them into almost anything. In this case, they can become gorgeous planters you can hang on the walls of the garden. You can even place it in your kitchen.

garden-DIY3Source: mannewaar

This beautiful vertical garden made with metallic pots is another example of how you can create a vegetable garden at home easily.

SeedBox: urban vegetable gardens

garden-DIY4Source: seedbox

There are kits you can find in online shops like this one: SeedBox.  Urban garden are a witty solution when you don’t have much space at home. This Spanish online shop brings different kits for growing your own ingredients for salads and herbs at home. With SeedBox, it’s even easier growing your own vegetable garden at home.

Stackable flowerpot

garden-DIY6Source: gaiabcn

Look for stackable flowerpots like the ones in the pictures. You can stack them and place them wherever you prefer: a kitchen, a garden, a terrace, etc. Gaia stackable flowerpot is an example of this kind of flowerpots. They don’t take much space and their design is cute.

You can mix different kind of seeds and create an original and unique garden with your favourite aromatic herbs.

Accessories for your garden

garden-DIY10Source: Ikea

If you’re looking for accessories for your garden, take a look in IKEA stores and you’ll find fun elements for personalising your garden. You can find many accessories for decorating your garden. A lot of styles and designs you’ll be able to place anywhere at home. For example, in the picture above, the small greenhouse in white color is gorgeous.

There is infinity of options. Flowerpots, window boxes and pots with wheels: everything to make the most of your spaces.

Having a vegetable garden at home is really easy! With original kits, recycled objects or anything you think of, you can create a personalised vegetable garden at home! It will be useful, gorgeous and tasty! Are you in? Share your your own vegetable gardens with us, we’ll be glad to discover new decorations an ideas!

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