Ideas for recycling crystal bottles this Christmas

There are a lot of ideas for recycling crystal bottles. I’m sure you have some at home that you don’t use anymore, so why don’t you turn them into beautiful Christmas decoration? This time, your bottles will look so beautiful that you’ll have to take them out from your garage so that everyone can see them.

Crystal bottle christmas


A snow man, Santa and a reindeer! This amazing craft can be used to decorate your home this year. You just have to take the bottle, paint it, put some ornaments on it and they will turn into these beautiful characters.

First you have to clean the bottles so that you can fix the ornaments well.  For painting the bottles you have to put some paint on and then turn the bottle in order to let the paint drain out easily.

Once they are dry, you just have to decorate it with your favorite things: fabric, rope, bells, etc. They are easy to make and they look funny and attractive, don’t you think so?



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