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The choice of steel systems for doors and windows is a crucial decision in any architectural project, as it directly influences the aesthetics, security, and energy efficiency of the building. Jansen, with its vast experience and commitment to quality, has established itself as a leader in the industry, providing innovative and durable solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Jansen: synonymous with trust and quality

Jansen is a company that has made quality and innovation its main pillars. Its steel systems for doors and windows are recognized worldwide for their durability, strength, and exceptional design. The company has dedicated itself to developing products that not only meet international quality standards but also set new parameters in the industry.

Located in the heart of Switzerland, but with a global presence, the company has an extensive network of specialists, including technicians, architects, and industrial professionals, distributed worldwide and supported by six branches in our country, ensuring fast and efficient service to our customers.

Variety and adaptability

Jansen offers a wide range of steel systems that adapt to different needs and architectural styles. From solutions for private residences to large-scale projects, the company provides versatile options that allow architects and builders to bring their visions to life.

Within the range of Jansen products, we can find different enclosure systems for both doors and windows, being able to choose from a wide catalog of different options, such as the Janisol Arte 2.0 system, which is perfect for use in the rehabilitation of historic buildings, or the Jansen Economy 60, a door that stands out for its deeper profile that makes it one of the best options for tall and heavy doors.

But if there is something that characterizes all Jansen products, it is their commitment to sustainability. The company develops products that contribute to improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Its steel doors and windows systems are designed to minimize energy loss, contributing to energy savings and environmental care.

Security and durability

Innovation and quality in steel systems for doors and windows with Jansen 3

Safety is an aspect that Jansen does not overlook. Its steel systems for doors and windows offer exceptional resistance, not only to adverse weather conditions but also to possible intrusion attempts.

The company also understands that functionality should not be at odds with aesthetics. That is why its steel systems are characterized by their elegant and modern design, capable of harmoniously integrating with different architectural styles and adding a distinctive touch to each project.

In addition to all this, it is important to mention that the company is not only dedicated to the manufacture of high-quality steel systems but also offers unparalleled technical support. Its professionals are prepared to collaborate in the development of projects, providing advice and technical support at every stage of the process.

To conclude, we want to emphasize that Jansen’s steel systems for doors and windows represent the perfect fusion of innovation, quality, and design. With a consolidated trajectory and a firm commitment to sustainability and security, Jansen continues to be a preferred choice for architects and builders worldwide who are looking for reliable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for their projects.

Source: Opendeco, decoration news in Spanish

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