Introduce wrought iron elements in your decoration

Wrought iron is a classical material, very common in rustic and countryside environments. This traditional material is also an art of handcrafting and it stills remains popular nowadays. Today, we bring you some ideas for introducing wrought iron elements in your decoration. You’ll see you can achieve very special effects with this decorative element.

Decorating your home with wrought ironSource: Ikea

It may seem a bit unfashioned, but it’s not true. You can create gorgeous current decorations with wrought iron elements. The art of handcrafting with wrought iron is quite antique but it’s also very used nowadays, specially for vintage and rustic styles. It’s normal that iron furniture is still in fashion, since it is lovely.

Wrought iron elements for a rustic style

Decorating your home with wrought iron2Source: Maisons du Monde

Wrought iron is a material used during centuries in decoration as much as in architecture and construction. In fact, we can find many artworks made with wrought iron around the world, such as the fantastic bars that decorate the windows in many Spanish villages.

In terms of furniture, the use of wrought iron elements is also antique, that’s why it’s linked to rustic styles, where it’s common combining it with stone and wood.

Decorating your home with wrought iron3Source: Nikolas Piper

Nowadays, countryside houses are still decorated with wrought iron furniture, but new modern designs are reinterpreting this art. For example, this special and original woodshed by Nikolas Piper.

Painting wrought iron furniture

Decorating your home with wrought iron4Source: Ikea

You can paint your wrought iron furniture in order to make them look lighter. You’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the lines that form the iron furniture while light colours make it look more cosy and warm. This is a good option if you want to incorporate this material in more contemporary environments. In fact, during the 19th century and the Romantic style, wrought iron painted with white tones was very common.

Decorating your home with wrought iron5Source: Portobello Street

As in the picture above, you can also find wrought iron elements in spaces where the vintage style is the main character, or even in industrial environments. For example, this coffee table with wrought iron legs in combination with the wood flat top is just gorgeous.

Wrought iron for bedrooms

Decorating your home with wrought iron6Source: Maisons du Monde

Bedrooms have always been one of the most common places where introducing wrought iron elements, for example in bedside panels. This kind of elements transmits a classic and traditional style that is perfect for bedrooms, since it’s a space where calm and relax are the key. In fact, wrought iron furniture is often used for decorating kids bedrooms, usually painted in light colours.

Garden furniture inside your house

Decorating your home with wrought iron7Source: Maisons du Monde

Wrought iron is a truly common material for making garden furniture. They tend to follow the Romantic style and their designs are lovely. If you like vintage and antique decorations, this furniture that you use to have outdoors can also look great inside your house. For example, as in the picture above, wrought iron chairs can provide a very special touch to your interior decoration, even if they’re meant to be outdoors.

Are you a wrought iron furniture lover? We hope you liked this collection of ideas for decorating with this fantastic material!

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