Different ways to divide spaces in small flats

If you don’t have enough square meters in your home and you need to divide some spaces, here you have some ideas that may help you.

Do you have a small flat? The room is big but you have to divide ambiences? It is really common to need new spaces in your home, especially in small flats of lofts or open spaces. To differentiate the different activities inside your home, here you have some options that may interest you.

Use folding screens


One of the most used strategies to differentiate spaces and have intimacy is using folding screens. You have different sizes and materials available that can fit all the different styles. One example that looks amazing is this wooden folding screen of the series RISÖR of Ikea.

This option is very useful because you can fold them and store them or change them to another place easily.  In that way, you can only use them when you need them and store them when you want more space.

A sofa to divide


I0m sure you have at least one sofa in your house and that you always put it in the same position. Have you ever thought about changing to another place? The sofa and other pieces of furniture can help you divide your space. As if it was a wall, you can place it wherever you want. In that way, the piece of furniture has a double function.

Put a horizontal shelving


The idea of placing a horizontal shelving is fantastic. You can use wooden shelving or the ones that look like a cube or are modular. In this case, I show you a shelf of the series KALLLAX of Ikea, it has an amazing price and you can put it in different positions.

Apart from achieving this objective you can put different decorative elements on it, making it a beautiful piece of your décor. The good thing about this object is that you can also paint it and customize it so that it fit your tastes and your home décor.

Use plants to separate spaces


Plants look amazing in almost every space. You can use your favorite ones to make your home look more beautiful. Apart from that, you can use them to divide the different areas of your home.

A good example is making a wall of bamboo plants. It looks amazing and make your place really special. You should look for big plants to create one kind of wall.

Use your bedside panel


You normally take some time to know where to place all the furniture of your bed, except the bedside panel, that is always put close to one wall. What would happen if your change its position? That you can use the place between the bedside panel and the wall for other things.

In this example, you can see how they have created a small office in this place. The wood and the big windows are other elements that make this place really special.

Put rugs in some places


A great solution is putting some rugs on your floor; they can be all the same or with different styles. In that way, the rug will show where you have the different areas.

Paint the walls in different colors


Paint can be awesome to differentiate different colors. As you can see in this image, the red pain has helped them to differentiate the living room.

What do you think about these ideas? What other solutions would you add?

Via: Decoraciónsueca

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