Miss Wood, positive decorations for your home

Today, we bring you some peculiar decorative elements from Miss Wood. This brand fills our days with a positive thinking!

This enterprise is from Barcelona and works making 100% handmade products to go with the most original decorations ever. Miss Wood makes pinewood layers, which are professionally treated to become a superb canvas where expressing creativity.


This brand has developed an easy and creative idea in the emerging sector of handmade products. The pinewood layers are full of expressions, motivating messages and things we’ve all ever thought! They express these positive and personal ideas in wood canvas to transform them into gorgeous decorative elements.


Original quotes that make you smile when you read them, such as: You only live once or Life is better at the beach. These entrepreneurs refer to their business as “a quote that makes you smile, a reason to think over.”


Why walking if you can dance? It’s a very popular trend together with vinyl, gorgeous decorations and anything vintage. These prints provide some humor and keep calm philosophy, which is especially necessary nowadays that everyone uses to be so busy and worried about everything. These messages encourage you to be with your feet on the ground while you look at the clouds; and what is more important, to take life easier!

missWood4 missWood5

What’s a woodie?

Wood layers that makes you smile. They make you think over, take life with another mindset. They can be the favorite space of your home and definitely, more than a piece of wood.


Via MissWood

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