Organize your closet with wood boxes

Nothing better than tidiness when we want to have everything close at hand and we need to save time. Moreover, getting dressed can be a mess if our clothes are disorganized… That’s why we want to share this suggestion with you today —organizing your closet with wood boxes! Yes, those boxes you may have used for so many crafts, you can also use them to put some order in your bedroom.

Source: DIY
Source: DIY

Closet with wood boxes

You won’t need much to start organizing your closet with wood boxes. This kind of boxes are easy to handle and cheap. Gather as many as you need and then prepare sanding paper, acrylic paint and take your time to make these beautiful boxes!

The first thing you need to do is sanding your boxes well so that they are ready to be painted. You can remove any part of the box that doesn’t look good and then you’ll be able to paint it with the colors you have chosen! Decorate your box with the colors and the style you like the most and it will be useful and gorgeous at the same time! Wait for the boxes to dry and then you can add some lacquer spray to buff it up. Like this, the paint will also be preserved.

It’s a superb idea to organize your clothes and additionally it’s ideal for recycling, which is so important nowadays! Don’t you think it would be the perfect detail for your home?

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