How to paint crystal bottles

Recycling bottles is a great idea for decorating our home. You just need some time and the ability to choose the best colors. In this previous articles we talked about color combinations that may interest you.

As you know, we used this same technique in a christmas article. Then, you can see, that we can use the same idea for decorating different spaces in different occassions.

painting crystal bottles

We can see in the picture that it is an easy process.

  • First you can to put some paint on the bottle
  • Then you have to move the bottle so that the paint spands on all the surface
  • Arterwards, put the bottle down in order to let the excess of paint drain
  • Finally let the paint gets dry and you can use the bottle for whatever you want

You can decorate several bottles and use them as a vase combination. They look great!

If you have more ideas about recycling bottles share them with us!

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