Original ideas for children playrooms

Children playrooms must be fun, entertaining and creative. Kids need to enjoy their games, but also use them as a way of improving creativity and training their brain. Games can provide a lot of original ideas for decorating, from rooms filled with plastic walls as if it were a big swimming pool to simpler options, such as the LEGO table in the picture below.

children-playroomSource: ourweefamily

This LEGO table is the perfect combination between tidiness and leisure. In just one element, they’ve created a creative space for having fun and playing with LEGO pieces and a space well organised. You can find many original ideas for organising children playrooms that are also a part of the game. For example, you can create a personalised zoo for keeping your animal cuddly toys. Both cases are really creative ways of combining tidiness and games.

recycling-decorating-pallets18Source: organizinghomelife

Walls help creating fun and creative children playrooms

If you want to opt for a simple but truly original idea for decorating your children playroom, the walls can be the key. Walls help creating fun and creative children playrooms and they don’t requiere a lot of space, because walls are essential elements of the room. That’s why, today, we want to focus on some original ideas for children playrooms that you can create just taking advantage of the walls.

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Chalkboards: a trend in decoration and a fun option for kids decorations. If you want to create a truly creative space for your kids, you can opt for transforming one of the walls of the playroom into a big chalkboard. You can decorate it with more creative elements, like in the picture above, to make it look more beautiful and cheerful. This idea is perfect for allowing children express themselves through their imagination and creativity.

children-playroom3Source: buzzfeed

Going back to LEGO ideas, this room has been transformed into a huge LEGO cube. They’ve covered the walls with LEGO boards. Without any doubt, this is a superb children playroom. Like this, children will be able to build their own decoration as they like and change it whenever they want. You can cover just a wall or part of it, if your think the room would look overloaded otherwise.

children-playroom4Source: cupofjo

Finally, the last idea we’d love to show you is a magnetic board for writing. This game is superb for children when they’re starting to learn the alphabet and read. Maybe, an horizontal board would be a better idea, so that they kids can use it all. But the vertical board on the picture also looks good.

As you can see, you don’t need amazing and astonishing decorations; simple but original ideas are perfect for children playrooms. Look for decorative options and games that encourage your children to be creative while they have fun and learn new things. Children playrooms can always be wonderful if and when they’re creative, fun and easy to tidy up.

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