Recycle a side table with chalk paint

You have an old side table and you don’t know what to do with it? Today we bring here a very special way to recycle an old wood side table: painting it with chalk paint! If you choose the right paint and color, the result can be awesome.

Sometimes we have real treasures but we don’t appreciate them. They are hidden jewelry pieces that apparently look awful but with the right treatment, they can turn into an awesome piece to decorate any space. This is the case of this beautiful orange side table that with some paint looked completely different. But we haven’t used any kind of paint. This awesome DIY project was passible thanks to chalk paint.

Recycle an orange side table


Maybe you have inherited it from your grandmother or you have bought it in a second hand store. Or maybe you have found it next to a trash can. It doesn’t matter! That old piece that you have in a corner of the storage can be the main piece of a room if you know how to.

A second chance

This rustic side table was so old  that it looked awful and it was painted in an ugly and old-fashioned color.

The key of this project was mainly due to two things, the first one the fact of using chalk paint, an awesome material. The second one is the fact of having used that special orange that fits perfectly the rustic look of the piece of furniture.


Inside and outside

The first step was cleaning the piece of furniture, removing the horrible paper inside. We didn’t have to sand it because one of the main advantages or chalk paint is that it doesn’t need a primer before painting. We just had to take a brush and start painting.


Then use the wax

When the piece is completely dry, we will use colourless wax to protect it. The best way to do it is using a big and soft brush and then clean the excess with a cloth.

If you want to nuance the bright orange, you can apply dark wax so that it has a vintage look using the same technique as before.


The last step is sanding a bit the surface to make it look older. I love the pieces of furniture that look irregular and eroded because it gives them personality..

Did you like the result?

Via: Decoración 2.0

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