Say goodbye to mess with these 3 tips

One month after New Year, we have already forgotten about New Year resolutions. So now it’s time to think about what really matters, not about unachievable objectives. This objective is having a clean and tidy house. The order is really important to feel well with yourself and at home. Do you want to know some tips to say goodbye to mess? Then, you’ll be able to clean your house without hurry and have it perfect throughout the year.

Source: Decoración 2.0
Source: Decoración 2.0

Say goodbye to informal areas

There are a lot of people that use some areas of the house to leave all our staff instead of putting them in their place. For example, kitchen countertop or tables are the best places for leaving the keys, the sunglasses, the post, coins, what we have bought, etc. When you get used to leave your stuff anywhere, your life can become a complete chaos.

To try to avoid this, you have to eliminate this bad habit. You have to use clothes racks to put your bags and coats, some decorative boxes to put little things like the post or the keys, etc. Another idea is creating a system of storage so that everything has a place to be stored.

Try to order some minutes everyday

To avoid leaving your stuff everywhere you also have to try to get used to spend some time ordering your house every day. If you order your stuff every day you will avoid also the previous problem. The best way is ordering your house just before going to sleep, so that you wake up with your house perfectly cleaned.

Use storage systems

It is also really useful that you use any kind of storage system to make your home look tidy. For example, use shelves, wardrobes, drawers, beautiful boxes, etc. Forget about leaving your stuff everywhere and focus on putting everything where it must be. Apart from making your home look tidy, you can also use this idea to enrich your decoration by using patterned or colorful storage systems.

Do you have more tips? Share them with us!

Via: Decoración 2.0

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