Spring decoration: liven up your home

Do you like modifying your decoration every season? You may like the ideas for creating a spring decoration with colors and other elements that will liven up your home! Spring decoration is cheerful, fun and colorful, don’t you think?

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Colors are always essential, no exclusion. Each color provides something different and inspires different feelings. This is the key for an emotional interior decoration. In this case, spring decoration should be cheerful and full of vitality. You can choose among several color-schemes and create beautiful and balanced spaces.

Spring colors

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Yellow, orange and red are some of the key colors. For creating a spring decoration, it’s important you look for colors related to nature, such as blue, green, brown, etc. Mix cold and warm tonalities for creating the funniest and most gorgeous environments!

Introduce bright colors with fabrics and other decorative elements. You can recycle plastic bottles or crystal bottles so that you can paint them or cover them with different materials. With these recycled objects, you’ll be able to create superb handcrafts for personalizing your spring decoration. Moreover, carpets, cushions, curtains and bed sheets are also fantastic complements for introducing a spring-like touch to your home.

Fluorescent tonalities

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Fluorescent tonalities are perfect if you want a decoration full of energy, you can use them on the walls, complements or even the furniture. However, it’s better not to abuse of this kind of lively colors so that they doesn’t disturb you too much during your daily life, especially in small rooms. You can always introduce fluorescent tones in small details such as lamps, frames, doorknobs, etc.

Pastel colors

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Pale pink, soft orange and pale yellow are great for creating a wonderful contrast with other lively colors in your spring decoration.

Neutral colors

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A good idea for using neutral tonalities to create the perfect atmosphere is introducing them in bedrooms and the kitchen. These colors create more comfortable and cozier environment and you can use them on the floor, the countertops or any wide surface of the room. Stone and wood are good materials for introducing neutral tonalities in your decoration. If you combine these natural colors with brighter and more cheerful ones, you’ll create a gorgeous combination for your spring decoration.

Spring-like colors for 2015


According to PANTONE, the trendy colors for spring 2015 are turquoise blue, sea blue, fluorescent orange and pale pink. As well as neutral shades of grey, since grey is a color you can easily combine with other tones.

Among the 72 colors and tonalities of PANTONE, you can choose the ones you like the most for your spaces so that you can create a gorgeous spring decoration.

Lively colors = lively spaces


Colors are connected to psychology and vice versa. The study of color perception is essential in fields such as architecture, fashion, decoration, design, etc. Moreover, we can see more examples in the different cultural perceptions and interpretations of the same color. For example, while in the Wester white represents pureness and chastity, in the East it symbolizes mourning. Colors can inspire a lot of feelings and emotions. Some can make you feel happy as well as they can relax you or disturb you.

So, take into account functionality when you choose the colors for your decoration. Use colors that make you feel comfortable, happy and at ease while you’re at home. You can use more bright and stimulating colors to liven up your spaces and paler tones for creating clam and relaxing environments.

You may like to know that the history of colors would have started with Isaac Newton and his theory of color. But later in history, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (founder of Romanticism) links colors with the feelings that they inspire in human beings. Goethe suggested that a bright yellow tone represents pureness and beauty, since it transmits a pleasant light that livens up the body and moves you. However, a lackluster yellow is quite more melancholic.

Flowers, colors and other spring-like details

There’s infinity of ideas for a spring decoration. You can paint your furniture to fix small flaws. For example, you can opt for green tones in your bathroom or kitchen in order to provide it with calm.


Instead of painting the furniture, you can introduce some colors with flowers. For example, you can create beautiful bouquets and place them in vases. Your home will be in touch with nature and it will look amazing.

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As we’ve already mentioned, colored fabrics can also be the perfect complements for your spring decoration. Choose some printed fabrics and combine your favorite colors and the results can be superb!


And, the most important thing for spring decorations, always choose cheerful designs. Your decoration will inspire you positivism and it will have an influence on your mood.

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