Cork boards: A great idea for our workplace.

Decoration is very important in our workplace, it make us being for comfortable and enjoy in a place where we spend a lot of hours. We have talks previously about the decoration of this kind of places, it must fit your style and be a quiet and pleasant space.

Today we will not only talk about decoration but also about functionality. The idea we bring today no only looks beautiful but it is also a great idea for organizing our stuff.

corkboard 1

That great idea is having a cork board in front of our desk. In that way we can have all our appointments, important papers or other things handy and don’t forget about anything.

As you can see, this is a really good idea for a place like an office. But it can also look great. The first idea was very simple but you can also customize your corkboard so that it fits your décor and taste.

You can also decorate it making washi tape patterns as the two example below. It you use washi tape wth the color of other decorative elements in your place it will look awesome.

corkboard 3 corkboard 2

Instead of using a square corkboard you can use round ones like in the idea below. If you paint them it will look awesome.

corkboard 4

You can find this materials in Ikea for just peanuts, so why don’t you try it?

Pictures: Pinterest

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