10 fantastic decorative mirrors for your home

Decorative mirrors are a valuable resource to decorate your home but you should know which one to choose and how to use it. Apart from the style and the size, it is important to know where to place it. A strategically placed mirror can be an awesome thing. In your living room or in a dark corridor, they can decorate,

Arrow decor

Arrows are an element that symbolize strength, but also a great idea if you know how to include them in your decoration. They look so modern and they can give your home a different look. Just think about a place where you want to use them and use these ideas to inspire you. You can use different materials to do

Recycled decorative mirror

Today, we want to share with you this beautiful idea for recycling and making a decorative mirror you’ll be able to place anywhere at home. Using recycled materials for making crafts is quite common nowadays. The trend started more than a decade ago and it’s considered a great way of recycling and making gorgeous crafts that will make your home

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