The best solution against hurricanes disasters, a hobbit house

In 1964, Dora hurricane created a dune in an area of Florida. It was the perfect place as that area belonged to a very creative architect named William Morgan. 10 years after the hurricane the architect decided to use the natural element to make something only a creative architect can imagine.

He had the idea of constructing a couple of holiday houses. Instead of constructing on the dune, he decided to cave a more profound hole, the people named this as the dune house. The space inside the underground house is in reality a duplex house.

They are suites of two floors with a living-room in the first floor and the bedrooms and bathrooms in the second floor. It also has a big terrace at floor level. The dune house was constructed in 1975 and it is composed of two almost identical structures that share stairs. They have a surface of 650 square meters each.

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Via: Arquitectura ideal

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