Tips for taking care of indoor plants

Indoor plants need some basic cares to be maintained in perfect conditions. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to take care of common plants. However, there are some types of plants that are more delicate and need another kind of maintenance.


Tips for taking care of indoor plants

  1. Avoid moving them frequently. Indoor plants are sensitive to changes, so it would be recommendable that you choose a place that meets their necessary requirements from the first day.
  2. Put several plants together. Gather different plants in the same flowerpot is a great idea if you don’t add any invading species. Like this, apart from being a gorgeous decorative element, they create their own microclimate.
  3. Avoid over watering the plants and also water’s shortage. Before watering the plants, check that the first layer of substrate is dry and uncompact. If the substrate sticks to your fingers it’s signal that it’s well hydrated. And remember that if you’re not sure, it’s always better watering the plant just a bit instead of over watering it.
  4. Water in the plate. If you have a plate under the flowerpot, don’t add water. Do it only when you go out for a trip for several days. The best choice is putting some stones on the base and then some water, like this you’ll create a humidifying plate for humidify the plant without over watering it.
  5. Water’s quality. The water you use for watering your plants also has an influence on them, so if you remove the excess of lime, your plants will be grateful. The same if you use rainwater.
  6. Fertilizers. They are very useful but you shouldn’t abuse of them. Fertilize often but in small quantities and water the plants after doing so. In any case, it’s always good that you read the instructions of the fertilizer you use carefully.


We hope you found these tips for taking care of indoor plants useful. If you know more advices for taking care of indoor plants, you can share them with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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