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It has been a long time since shower screens became essential pieces in any bathroom. These elements, besides protecting against annoying water splashes, also offer a high decorative power, providing elegant finishes due to their wide variety of available profiles and shades. It is also worth noting that shower screens are increasingly easier to clean, with some models even including treatments to prevent limescale buildup and keep them looking like new.

The main problem here is choosing the most suitable shower screen for our bathroom due to the many models available. In this situation, today we want to talk to you about 5 Duscholux models that are perfect for creating a more modern atmosphere in any bathroom.


5 types of shower screens to enjoy a unique bathroom 3

The first one we want to talk about is the Egipthia range of shower screens, which is specially designed for bathrooms with ample shower space. In this range of shower screens, we find doors that are 180º swing-open, both inwards and outwards, as well as magnetic profiles. Egipthia shower screens offer numerous different options that can adapt to any space, thanks in part to the possibility of customizing their length.

Duscho Gravity

5 types of shower screens to enjoy a unique bathroom 4

The next one on the list is the Duscho Gravity series, which incorporates a side magnetic closure and knob opening. It offers a minimum free entry of 40% of the total frontal area. It is available in different finishes such as shiny silver, matte silver, or white, making it perfect for adapting to any bathroom decor style.

Duscho Gravity ONE

5 types of shower screens to enjoy a unique bathroom 5

The Gravity One shower screen from Duscholux, like all the products from the brand, is custom-made for each customer. Thanks to this, greater water and soap tightness is achieved, avoiding leaks. These shower screens are made with 6 mm tempered glass for the fixed parts and 5 mm for the doors, offering great resistance to impacts, sudden temperature changes, and bending.

The materials used effectively resist impacts, moisture and drying cycles, corrosion, chemicals,

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