Tricks for organising your kitchen and saving space

Organising your kitchen is not always an easy task. However, with these tricks for organising your kitchen and saving space, it will be easier than ever. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, you can achieve great results with some simple elements such as plastic containers, jars or filling cabinets.

The key is that you make the most of the space by organising your drawers, shelves and by taking advantage of vertical space. Check out the following tricks for organising your kitchen to get some inspiration.

Filling cabinet for storing cling wrap, aluminium foil, etc.

kitchen-organisationSource: thewandmakersmother

Filling cabinets are very current in offices, but it’s not common seeing them in the kitchen. However, they can be very useful for keeping objects such as aluminium foil.

Organise legumes, sugar, flour and other ingredients in jars with labels

kitchen-organisation2Source: mumsmakelists

If you keep ingredients in jars, you’ll save a lot of space and your kitchen will be much more organised. You can use mini blackboard labels for writing what’s inside every jar. Besides, these jars are beautiful decorative elements for a kitchen.

Attach the tap of the jars to the bottom of a cupboard and make the most of the space below it

kitchen-organisation3Source: mumsmakelists

Attaching the jars to the bottom of the cupboards can be a good idea for making the most of vertical space.

Rack organiser for stacking canned food


Like this, you’ll know when do you’re running out of canned food…

Use hooks for hanging your mugs over their plates

kitchen-organisation5Source: penelopesoasis

With this idea you can take advantage of all the space in the cupboard.

Pipe fittings for holding kitchen utensils on a door or wall


Have you ever thought that pipe fittings could help you organise your kitchen? Yes, they can! It’s an original way of organising your kitchen utensils.

Laundry bags for storing onions, potatoes and garlic


Use laundry bags for storing your onions, garlics and potatoes so that they are ventilated.

Put a narrow shelf over the sink for having the scrubber and washing-up liquid at hand reach

kitchen-organisation8Source: laredoute

A narrow shelf over the sink, like the one in the picture, can be very useful for placing the washing-up liquid, the scrubber and some more objects. Like this, you can save space and avoid having the scrubber always inside the sink.

Undershelves are ideal for making the most of vertical space

kitchen-organisation9Source: buzzfeed

Undershelves are wonderful tools for taking advantage of vertical space in your cupboards and you don’t need to make any hole in the shelf.

Store your cutlery vertically

kitchen-organisation10Source: buzzfeed

If you have deep drawers in the kitchen, you can opt for keeping your cutlery vertically. It’s probable that you save some space.

Magnetic containers for placing your species on the fridge

kitchen-organisation11Source: buzzfeed

These magnetic containers are ideal for keeping species on the fridge since they doesn’t take a lot of space.

Plastic containers for organising drawers

kitchen-organisation12Source: homedit

A classic for organising drawers: plastic or crystal containers. Use some containers for storing food and ingredients, like this, you’ll save space and your drawers will be truly well-organised.

We hope you found these ideas for organising your kitchen useful. You can share more ideas with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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