What is the perfect size?

The fear of not getting the measurements of headboards right is a constant that keeps repeating every time we face the incorporation of a new bed at home. Many of you ask me when it comes to accommodating a new headboard, so to clear up any doubts, today we focus precisely on that. And, what is the perfect size?

Headboard measurements: what is the perfect size? 1

What visual effect are you looking for?

This is the first question you will have to answer yourself, because based on your response, and around it, your subsequent decision-making will revolve. Do you want your headboard to fit completely into the dimensions of your bed or do you prefer it to encompass some other furniture element? What is the height of your bedroom? Do you want to have some special element that serves as an original headboard? Or perhaps you prefer to personalize it completely, in order to integrate it into your bedroom?

Headboard measurements: what is the perfect size? 2

Do you want to adapt it to the width of your bed?

If your idea is to see it completely fitted into the dimensions of your bed, you will mainly have to consider one idea, and that is if your bed has, for example, a width of 150 centimeters, the headboard we build or attach to it will not be of that dimension! Keep in mind that the bed will need to be dressed later on, and that when choosing the bed linens and regardless of the season, they will increase the dimensions of the bed once placed.

Headboard measurements: what is the perfect size? 3

It is true that in winter the volume of the bed increases a bit more, but we don’t intend to change the headboard with every change of season. So, it is best to consider the worst case scenario to be on the safe side, and that our headboard looks great regardless of the season we are in.

Headboard measurements: what is the perfect size? 4

Ideally (unless your tastes differ on this), the headboard should extend about 5-6 centimeters on each side beyond the bed line. Following the previous example of the 150-centimeter bed, the headboard in this case would have to have a width of between 160 and 162 centimeters. That way, when you make the bed, the increase in volume will make it fit perfectly into the dimensions of your headboard.

Do you prefer to adjust the measurements of the headboards to contain a furniture element?

You may prefer to opt for headboard measurements that contain a furniture element, usually your own bedside table. In this case, you will have to take into account the dimensions these present, because the headboard will have to encompass them in their entirety.

Headboard measurements: what is the perfect size? 5

At the same time, you have to consider the distance you want to leave between the bed and these, always bearing in mind the fact that you should be able to make the bed without being hindered by the presence of a bedside table too close to it. 8-10 centimeters will be more than enough to make the bed without the bedside table bothering you.

Headboard measurements: what is the perfect size? 6

When it comes to finalizing the dimensions of your headboard (this is a matter of taste), you can opt for the idea that it ends just level with the bedside tables, give it about 5 more centimeters, or you may even want to extend it to the nearest wall or have larger dimensions.

Do you prefer to customize it with another element?

In this case, the presence of the element or elements with which you want to shape your particular headboard will prevail. In this way, the measurements will be determined by them. Talking about headboard measurements in this case doesn’t make much sense. However, when choosing the bedside tables that will be part of the bedroom, try to integrate them as much as possible with the elements that serve as the headboard.

Headboard measurements: what is the perfect size? 7

The headboard measurements and tips that I present here will be applicable in cases where you decide to personalize your own headboard and want to materialize it accurately. However, if you decide to opt for models available on the market, whether for their design, ornamentation, or visual effect that the designer seeks to achieve, you must consider the specifications and advice that they recommend depending on the case.

Headboard measurements: what is the perfect size? 8

As you can see, it is easy to ensure that the measurements of different headboards for beds adapt to your needs, while blending in with the rest of the ambience, making them look as aesthetically pleasing and decorative as possible. You just have to consider these small tips for guaranteed success. Are you ready to shape your next headboard?

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