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Do you need some inspiration?  Today we are going to show you some ideas and tips to decorate your working space. Get the ambience you need and star working.

Both if you work inside or outside home, today we want to show you some tips to decorate your working space. We normally just need a PC to work at home, but what if your job is making DIY projects? You’ll need an space with a completely different distribution. Everyone knows what we need in our working space and today we want to show you some practical ideas that will serve you to decorate and optimize space.

Everything’s easier when inspiration arrives and you can use these ideas applied to your style or to your needs. Today we give you the opportunity to get some inspiration out of these ideas and some tips to have the best office ever.

The furniture

There are basic pieces of furniture that can serve us to organize and store our papers. There are also pieces of furniture that are very decorative but are completely useless and in a working area what we want is have functional pieces of furniture so we should avoid them. With a big desk, we’ll have the opportunity to have everything handy.

The furniture we choose will always depend on the working space we are decorating. If we are just going to use a computer we’ll choose more empty spaces, for example, using just a decorative desk with something different. But if you want to decorate a place dedicated to artistic working, we should be inspired and put in our office all the materials we are going to need in shelves, boxes and baskets.

Source: Jelanie Shop
Source: Jelanie Shop

Organization is not only important when creating a working space but it is important in every space we think about. If we want to be inspired and have a relaxing place, we should always think about having everything organized

It is not important how you are going to distribute the furniture or if you don’t have shelves or baskets. If you try to keep everything organized day to day, your place will look much better. If you have functional furniture the organization is easier.

Source: Dultang
Source: Dultang

We can’t talk about decorating a working space without talking about lighting. It is very important to have at least some natural light. We need natural light to be inspired and feel better.

The ambience that sometimes we need, the harmony and the piece and all the good vibrations to make an artistic work can be influenced by the light. Dark places are not recommended or appropriate to work. Use lamps and try to put big windows and light curtains.

Source: Rose Hips and the Petticoats
Source: Rose Hips and the Petticoats
The personal touch

It is your place, your temple, and that’s why you should design it according to your preferences. You should add your personal touch! A wall art made by yourself, a picture of your family or your friends or any of your last DIY projects, any idea can be included.

When we add a little touch to our décor we can firmly say that our office is our place of creation. If you are not good at handcrafting, you can make something easy as a pencil holder or a portrait. Today we can see awesome offices made with recycled materials that are an absolute work of art.

Source: Refreshing the home
Source: Refreshing the home

Although we may think that we have everything controlled, when we are working, complications may arrive. You may work to check if everything is functional and it is in the best place.

Just start thinking and you’ll find the best way to distribute your office and have everything under control.

How would your ideal place look like?

Source: Decoración 2.0

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