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20 ideas for recycling and decorating with pallets

Handcrafts and DIY projects are a trend lately and they’re also a great way of recycling. DIY projects help us giving a second chance to objects and materials we don’t need any more. We can reuse crystal bottles for creating beautiful jars, umbrellas for making lamps or fabrics we aren’t going to use for making handcrafts such as DIY pincushions. Today, we want to share with you 20 ideas for recycling and decorating with pallets.

Pallets are made of wood sticks and these can be used for making gorgeous gifts and building really useful pieces of furniture. As you’ll see in the following post, the possibilities are endless.

A path made with wood sticks from a pallet

Source: diyandcraftsideas

A multicolour bench that looks like a big xylophone

Source: diyandcraftsideas

A lovely decorative element for just married couples

Source: diyandcraftsideas

Original mural painted on wood sticks

Source: diyandcraftsideas

A wall clothes rack made with a pallet

Source: diyandcraftsideas

Use pallet sticks for creating a clock for any of your spaces

Source: diyandcraftsideas

Build a strawberries planter for your garden

Source: lovelygreens

Keep your wine and some wineglass at hand reach

Source: theselfsufficientliving

Organise the little garden in your backyard with pallets

Source: theselfsufficientliving

From a simple pallet to a gorgeous trunk

Source: 101pallets

Source: 101pallets

Reuse a pallet for creating a recycled painter easel

Source: 101pallets

Make a wood board for reminding a special date, such as your weeding’s

Source: 101pallets

Build a comfortable and original bed for your pet

Source: thecharmingfarmer

Rustic door made with pallets for your bathroom

Source: blog.styleestate

A cute decorative armchair for your kids room

Source: 1001pallets

Attach some shelves to a wood board made with pallets

Source: dumpaday

A swing for your garden built with a pallet

Source: dumpaday

A miniature ZOO for keeping the cuddly toys

Source: organizinghomelife

Special shelves for your kitchen

Source: loftchile

DIY shoe rack for organising your children’s shoes

Source: blog.styleestate

As you can see, there are infinity of ideas for recycling and decorating with pallets. You can paint superb artworks on wood boards, organise your home with handmade shelves, clothes racks and shoe racks, decorate your garden and even build your own doors.

We hope you found these ideas useful and interesting for decorating your home with pallets.

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