10 functional and beautiful portable houses

When we talk about spending some days in the middle of nowhere or enjoying the nature, everyone thinks about a tent or a caravan. With these amazing portable houses, this kind of short trips will be totally different.

We all know that not everyone like sleeping in a tent. I personally find them a bit uncomfortable and when sun is shining, it is impossible to stay in there. You can sleep there for an emergency but spending more than one night can be a nightmare.

As nature trips are a trend right now, more and more architects are spending their time and effort on designing small portable houses that you can install everywhere. If you keep reading, you’ll see some of the most curious and amazing ones.

Gervasutti refuge


This refuge is located in the Alps and it was made to host Mont Blanc climbers. It has a computer that informs the guests of the weather. It is made of two cylinders, one of them hanging in the air.

Bubble house


Designed by the Chinese architecture studio Dot Architects, it offers a place to sleep that can be carried anywhere.  Walls are covered by foam rubber and  there is a mattress inside for three people.

Egg House


This small house was designed by the Chinese student Daihai Frei. He used bamboo for the construction and bags filled with grass seeds to cover the structure. Inside you can find a bed, a sink and light.

A place to sleep at the airport


This house was designed by the Russian architecture studio Arch Group. It is thought to be a rest place for those airports in which passengers have to wait a lot of time between flights. What have a bed and led lights.

Big family houses


These houses were created by artists from Hong Kong Kacey Wong and they are boxes that once unfolded they offer a bed to sleep and a little desk. They are a great idea for having them in your car because you never know what’s going to happen.

An iron house


This original refuge made of recycled boat steel was made by the Dutch architecture studio Atelier Van Lieshout. It is thought to host two people. It has two beds , a toiler and a heater.

252º House


The name of the house comes from the shape it has once unfolded. It is an interesting caravan that can be folded. We can find inside a bathroom, a living-room, a kitchen, a bedroom and an office.

Rugby house


This house is very original as it looks like a rugby ball. They are located in Yangyang-gun beach in South Korea. They are made of expanded polystyrene blocks, a very resistant and light material



It is a Project made by the German architect Werner Aisslinger. A house made of crystal and covered by wood sheets. You can see everything surrounding the house from the inside.



They are luxury tents that have nothing to do with traditional ones. They have all the things that you can find in a normal house. The material surrounding the house protects it from ultraviolet rays, fire and water.

Via: Arquitectura Ideal

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