10 original bookshelves for making the most of the space

Are you a book lover? Are you short of space for keeping them at home? Check out these ideas for storing books and making the most of the space you have.

Stairs, bed, high ceilings and even a simple armchair, they can be really good and original resources for making the most of your space and solve your storage problems. Take into account the particular features of your home in order to use the solution that fits you better.

Skylight filled with books

This is a superb idea for creating a completely new decorating concept at home and having extra space for your books. This skylight made of circular bookshelves can even be an inspiration for readers. Moreover, you can try to take advantage of as much light as possible through the skylight. Like this, you’ll have a well-illuminated office where you’ll be able to work, read and relax you. It can be a very stimulating space! Don’t forget to look for a comfortable and practical ladder so that you can easily reach the books on top.

original-book-shelves-1Source: Imgur

Bookshelves in the stairs

If you live in a house or a duplex, you can use this idea for storing your books. It’s a good idea for taking advantage of the space in the stairs. Put some shelves above and below the stairs and keep your books there. The famous gap under the stairs, even if it’s small, it may be truly useful.

original-book-shelves-2Source: Pinterest

Armchair and bookshelf

For the lazy ones, this bookshelf will allow them to choose a book without moving. It’s a good idea for storing your favorite books in your reading armchair, don’t you think?

original-book-shelves-3Source: Thetinylife

Sleeping among books

This is a good idea for encouraging the little ones to read. These original bookshelves will create a magical environment in your children bedroom.

original-book-shelves-4Source: Coloredmondays

An attic full of books

If you have an attic, you can use this space for creating a reading room with big bookshelves. Personalize it with a beautiful armchair and some decorative elements and it will be a lovely reading space. Moreover, if you have a nice natural lighting, the attic will be the ideal place for reading and relaxing.

original-book-shelves-5Source: Zyqizugefyky

Circular bookshelves

Circular shelves are probably the most original bookshelves you can create. Although it may not be the most practical ones, they can provide your home with a very creative and personal touch.

original-book-shelves-6Source: Countrydesignstyle.com

Books under your bed

A big drawer under your bed is the perfect place for storing books, especially if you like reading before going to bed. You can create original bookshelves with wheels and organizing your books the way you prefer. You can opt for a big drawer or for different ones in order to classify your books.

original-book-shelves-7Source: Wickerparadise

Books gallery on top

If you have high ceilings, don’t waste that space and use it for storing books! You can create beautiful and original bookshelves in order to create a books gallery.

original-book-shelves-8Source: Pinterest

Stairs and shelf 2×1

We’ve already mentioned one example for making the most of your stairs storing books. However, if you’re thinking about renovating your stairs, the following picture can be a truly beautiful and functional design!

original-book-shelves-9Source: Design-milk

A tree of books

These are definitely the most original bookshelves. It’s a beautiful idea for storing books and it provides your home with a lot of personality. With some imagination, you can create a magical space for your books.


We hope you liked these ideas and you found them inspiring. You can share more ideas with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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