5 houses with minimalistic decor

Minimalism is an artistic style that appeared at the end of the 60s in New York, but its origin is tied to Europe, in the first ideas of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, one of the most important architects of the century.

Minimalistic style is characterized by the simplicity and the order. The main character is normally white, both inside and outside. The façade is one of the most important parts of the minimalistic houses and it must be simple and modern to have the perfect equilibrium. Here you have 5 examples of minimalistic décor.

1st house

This minimalistic house is located in Perú, near a golf court and it has great views. Can you imagine waking up and seeing a beautiful beach, a golf court and the amazing garden of this home? It is just great!

minimalistic 1

2nd house

Minimalistic decor is characterized also for eliminating the things that are not necessary, the absence of ornaments, it is centered in what is necessary and on being simple. You can see it in this image.

minimalistic 2

3rd  house

As you can see in this image, minimalistic houses normally have very big Windows so that the light enter to the house. The environment surrounding this home will be also part of the decoration.

minimalistic 3

4th house

Construction materials normally are smooth cement, stones, steel and wood. We normally include wood if we have big gardens like in this photo.

minimalistic 4

5th house

If we want our place to have more visual harmony, you should think about all the elements in your décor. Integrate all the elements in your décor to have a great decoration and equilibrium.

minimalistic 5

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Via: Decoración2.0

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