18 awesome ideas to make your home look amazing

This post is a selection of amazing gadgets and decorations that will make your home look astonishing. Some of them are probably too expensive for the majority, but they may serve as inspiration. Double baths, pools for dogs, a cinema at home… We hope you like this collection of awesome decorations for your home!

Bath for two

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 1

Folding door that turns into a Ping-Pong table

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 2

Refrigerated drawers for keeping food

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 3

Cinema at home with a lot of cushions and a film projector

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 4

Doorknob that turn off the lights, heating, locks… When you leave home

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 5

Living room with swings instead of chairs

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 6

Awesome shelves for the living room

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 7

Jacuzzi with built in TV

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 8

Amazing see-through isolated fireplace

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 9

Turntable porthole

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 10

Door with its own skylight

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 11

Huge library (so well organized)

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 12

Pool for dogs

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 13

Padding bedroom

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 14

Bathroom whose tiles emulate a real beach

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 15

Wood plate rack next to the kitchen sink

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 16

The space under the stairs used as a corridor

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 17

Truly astonishing metallic toboggan

amazing_ideas_for_your_home 18

Via dominio mundial

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