20 amazing stairs designs that you’ll love

In every house with different floors it is fundamental that you have stairs. When choosing this element, we can think about more classic ones or design that surprise everyone, it’s up to you.

Source: Embelezzia
Source: Embelezzia

Although it may seem that stairs are not important when designing a house, that’s not true because the right design can give that area an awesome touch. In the majority of the occasions we choose classic and simple designs but we can change that and create marvelous and original ones. Today we want to bring here 20 examples of stairs ideas that we can use in our homes. We should, of course, take into account the space we have and the style of our home. If you want to see that ideas, keep reading!

Futuristic stairs


Wooden connected stairsstairs1
Get the most out of every spacestairs2
Tree stairsstairs3
Handrail that looks like a foreststairs4
Colorful stairsstairs5
Bright spacestairs6
Spine stairsstairs7
Stairs – librarystairs8
Petal stairsstairs9
Destroyed stairsstairs10
Stairs with sledgestairs11
Stairs that are not practicalstairs13
Minimalistic stairsstairs14
Half stairsstairs16
Crystal sairs with a sledgestairs17
Storage stairsstairs18
Integrated modern stairsstairs19
Shelf stairsstairs20
Stairs with interesting shadowstairs12

Via: Arquitecturaideal

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