20 furniture ideas that look magic!

Today we want to share with your 20 pieces of furniture that are characterized because of the originality of its functioning. All of them are pieces of furniture with multiple uses, from armchairs that turn into a heater to folding kitchens that can be transported easily. We should admire the work of the designers because these furniture  will make your jaw drop.

Have your ever seen something like these? Share it with us!

Drawers that turn into stairs

drawer-stairs 1 drawer-stairs 2

Table that expands when you spin it

table spin

Ironing board and mirror

ironing board and mirror

Candle that can be used for a million times




A door from the future

Door future

Foldable living room

Foldable living room

Sofa- bunk bed

sofa bunk bed

Inflatable grill

inflatable grill

Foldable chairs and table

foldable chairs and table

Portable chair

portable chair

Accordion table

accordion table

Cube that turns into a kitchen

cube kitchen

Living room-bed

living room bed


armchair heater

Chair that generates other chairs

chair that generates other chairs

Table that turns into a sofa

table sofa

Transparent TV

transparent TV

Ping-Pong door

ping pong door

Sofa to practice exercise
sofa exerciseVia: Dominio Mundial

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